Tuesday Tips with Dawn

For Heart-Centered Business Owners who want to Make a Difference
… but Struggle WAY More than they Should!

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Dear Heart-Centered Business Owner,

Is Doing What You Love Making Ends Meet?bigstock-Hello-I-Am-Someone-Who-Can-Hel-35072612

  • Have you got the time you wanted?
  • The Customers you wanted?
  • The joy you wanted … when you started out?

If your Business was birthed from a dream to make a positive difference or help others, but now you struggle just to find the time, the energy or the customers you need …

Then Tuesday’s Tips with Dawn is your next right step!

Why “Tuesday?”

You see, I originally ran this Training for 7 consecutive Tuesdays. They were so fun, and so helpful, that I bundled them up into a simple audio training for busy business owners on the go!

As you listen to these 30-minute sessions and start following the steps I guide you through, you’ll discover new ways to …

Live Your Purpose, Make a Difference and Thrive!

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You Must Fulfill Your PurposeDSC00056

Can you imagine how a small investment of your time will give you BIG results? After you have read this short page, you’ll know exactly what to do …Remember when you first visioned turning your passionate purpose into a business. Remember how the feelings of inspiration made you giddy, hopeful, certain.

  • Colors seemed brighter
  • Flowers became more fragrant
  • Every song on the radio inspired confidence, certainty and joy!

This was because you were ‘lined up’ with your Heart – with the Purpose you came here to fulfill.Your ideas were naturally hopeful then, and I’ll bet you even got tingles when your vision came clearly into focus.I know I did! In fact, when my Soul Purpose lined up with a Vision for a Heart-Centered Business, I could barely contain myself! … But then the ‘work’, the complexities, and even the information overload started snowing me under!

Has this happened to you?

Has the clear vision that made your heart leap become muddied these days?These ‘muddied waters’ will definitely cause a ‘disconnect’ – shifting you into uncertainty, fear and even burn-out. Add money worries to the mix and your sweet dream can easily become a giant nightmare!

Too much struggle was not the way it was supposed to be!

Now what?!? Well, the answer is actually simple … Support.

  • Just imagine what it would be like if that incredible feeling you had when you first saw yourself doing what you love could return.
  • Just imagine if all the time, money & energy you’ve invested, could actually turn your vision into True Success.

Well it can … when you get the right information and a sensible roadmap.

Your Support Road Map is Here!bigstock-City-map-with-GPS-Icons--25480829

Tuesday’s Tips with Dawn gives you a supportive road map – an Eagle’s Eye View – of what every Heart-Centered Business Owner needs for success in our modern world.

    • Learn the Truth about money, service & success.
    • Enjoy more Sanity with your business – no matter how much ‘work’ you need to do.
    • Reconnect with the Heart of your Vision so you can love what you do again.
    • Quickly Improve the way you do things to save time and energy.

If burn-out, too much work or too little money are making your service a struggle, it’s time to …

Breath Life back into your Heart-Centered Business.

Get the skills & tools you need, to do what you lovelove what you do, and be fully sustained – in Spirit, Mind and Body.

Get the Support You Need Now.

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How it Works

Each 30 minute audio covers a specific topic to help you with different areas of your business: From Marketing tips to ‘getting’ how all this internet-social media-website stuff works … to realigning with your Crystal Vision when burn-out is knockin’ at your door.These audios answer the key questions every business owner must ask. Questions like:

    • How do I get more customers without spending tons of money?
    • How do I find the energy to do it all?
    • How do make sense of all this online stuff?
    • Where do I get the support I need?
    • Should I use Facebook for business?
    • What needs to be on my website?
    • What do I do if I don’t have time for more customers?

This is your chance to get the support you need so you can …Do What you Love ~ Make a Bigger Difference ~ Thrive!

And here’s the great thing … your investment is minimal.Each audio is no more than 30 minutes long, so you can listen on-the-go, in-between appointments or even when you’re preparing a meal! Simple.Better still, once you order Tuesday’s Tips with Dawn you’ll have immediate access to all 7 audio files.

This gives YOU the choice to take action on what you need most right now!Get tips and tools that will support you in doing your good work in the world for just 30 minutes a week!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

    • Re/Align with your Crystal Vision – How to keep your Sanity & Commitment to Thrive in Crazy Times
    • Money Flow in a Low Economy? You Bet!
    • No more Discounts or Discounting YOU – How to Make More by Adding Value (Not Reducing Price!)
    • Plain Talk about Selling with Integrity
    • You Have the Right! … To Thrive with Your Gifts – Find out Why & Transform Struggle into Success.
    • Techno Headaches No More! – Discover How to Best Use the Internet – without ‘Geek Speak!’
    • Overcoming Overwhelm
    • And much, much more …

    Do What you Love ~ Make a Difference ~ Thrive!

    Get your audios now!

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    This is too easy and too valuable for you to miss,
    so why hesitate when solutions are right here for you?