Want to Save Thousands of $$
without Short-Cutting your #1 Marketing Need?


Dear Business Owner,

Would you buy a desk with no legs?
A computer with no operating system?
A car with no wheels?

Of course not!

Yet every day, small business owners commit the equivalent of investing in a Lear jet with no wings.

How? By short-cutting on their Numero Uno Marketing need


Why a Beautiful Website will Never Work for You

I’ve seen it again and again. Clients come to me in a quandary:


    • “Why isn’t my website bringing me more clients?”
    • “I’ve got all my services on my website, with PayPal and everything! But nobody ever buys!”
    • We tried to launch a program and didn’t make one single sale!”
    • “I spent thousands for a beautiful website … why isn’t my business growing?”

Ultimately, they all have the same burning question: “Dawn, What am I doing wrong?!?”

Most of the time I don’t even need to look at their website to know the answer …


By the time they come to me, many have already wasted thousands, (or 10s of hours) creating pages for their website that will never make them a red cent.

Worse than that? Because their copy is poor to non-existent, they’ll never be able to inform site visitors enough to actually help them!

Don’t get me wrong: you aren’t to blame if you don’t know how to write copy. After all, unless you’re a professional copywriter, why would you know how? Shoot, why would you even want to?

Wait a Minute … Why Do I Need This “Copy” Thing?

confused woman pink shirt

If the concept of copywriting is new to you, check out just a few benefits you’ll gain when you add good copy to any messaging or marketing you do …

    • Good copywriting communicates the value you offer in a way that your ideal clients can “get it.”
    • Good copywriting speaks to your ideal client’s needs, addresses their concerns in an authentic way.
    • Good copywriting shows your prospects that you have the solution they’re looking for.

Icon - InfoWhat is “Copy” Anyway?

“Copy” and copywriting are not the same as a “copyright,” which defines an exclusive legal right to a piece of intellectual property.

“Copy” isn’t content either. It’s not used solely for educational or entertainment purposes, like the content of a book, a training program or a blog site, for example.

Nor is “Copy” – in this context, anyway – a mimeograph or xeroxed print 🙂

The term “Copy,” when it comes to marketing, advertising, and YOUR website, includes any writing intended to influence. Specifically, “copy” is: “writing used for the purpose of advertising or marketing,” according to wikipedia.

A “Copywriter” then, is someone whose job it is to write advertising and marketing copy.

You’ve got 3 Seconds

Did you know that you’ve got about 3 seconds to grab someone’s attention online?bigstock-Hand-with-a-stopwatch-Isolate-50035106

Think about it: how many times have you landed on a website, didn’t find what you were looking for right away, and “bounced” off the site to keep looking?

This is exactly what your prospects and ideal clients do when they can’t figure out that YOU are the solution they’re looking for – within the first 3 puny seconds!

So if you don’t have good copy on your website, it’s like having a beautifully decorated storefront with nothing in the shop. People can look at your name, a great logo, lovely branded colors and pictures, but with nothing that:

  • “Hooks” them first, and then
  • Tells them how you can actually help them

They go bye-bye real quick!

I Wasted a Lot of Time!

Many of my clients learned this lesson the hard way, but the truth is, despite the fact that I was already a professional writer, I learned the hard way too.

When I started out with my first online efforts, I didn’t know the difference between a copywriter and a travel writer (which I was at the time). A writer was a writer, right? So why on earth would I hire somebody to write my website copy?

I could handle all the wordsmithing for my website just fine, thank you very much!

Until, I devoted 10s of hours designing my first site – then 10s more creating content for it – only to get absolutely zero interest. Ouch!

Then I Got Lucky

bigstockphoto_Old_Typewriter_5127835Opportunity came my way and I headed off to Malaysia, where I learned about online marketing and copywriting at the prestigious, MindValley, a cutting edge company devoted to authentic, digital publishing and marketing.

I jumped in with both feet and before I knew it, I was writing content, emailers, free gifts and copy for list sizes and readerships in the 100s of thousands!

I had to learn how to write compelling copy, and I had to learn fast!

What I learned during my tenure at MindValley has been a great gift. But my work and education there hasn’t just served me. It continues to serve my clients to this day.


To Compel or not to Compel?

Imagine for a minute that you need help fast!

You are suffering and fed-up with lower back pain, and looking for a solution. You want help and you want it NOW.

Now: pretend you’ve come across 2 websites that might have what you’re looking for. Which one of the 2 intros below would compel you to keep reading?

Website #1 – Mary

My name is Mary Smith and I am certified in deep tissue massage, structural readjustment and Ortho-Bionomy. I believe that healing is an innate process and my job is simply to support you in making the transformation through the use of my services. I provide … [insert modalities here].

Website #2 – Roberta

Is your lower back pain keeping you from living a full life? Do you creak out of bed every morning, feel foggy from pain pills, lay awake and aching most nights? Lower back pain is one of the leading causes of situational depression in America, but here’s the truth: there IS a way out! …

While Mary offers inspiration and ‘modality speak’, Roberta does something totally different:

    • She speaks to her ideal client’s needs
    • She addresses their concerns in an authentic way
    • She shows them that she has the solution they’re looking for

In other words, Mary’s introduction informs, but Roberta’s introduction hooks attention and then compels.

A Writer’s Dilemma

The problem every copywriter faces – shoot, every writer for that matter! – Is that we can only handle a  few gigs at a time.

Copywriting takes a lot of time, because a good writer has to do her “homework” about YOUR unique voice, your clients needs, and the most powerful way to communicate your offer so that you make money.

This is why hiring a great copywriter will cost you big bucks. But what if you don’t have those big bucks just yet? What if you are a small business owner or start-up who needs good copy just to get your cash flow going?

The Answer …

Start by learning the basics yourself. Not only will this save you plenty of money now, in the long run it could save you a fortune!



Is this Program for You?

How do you know if Attract ‘em & Keep ‘em: Website Writing BootCamp is for you? Here’s  how:

    • You’ve got something of value to offer but don’t know how to write about it in a compelling way.
    • You’re website is doing nothing for you.
    • You are in the process of building a website right now.
    • You can’t afford to invest $2,000.00, $3,000.00 or more for web copy.
    • You want to know enough about copy so you don’t get ripped off by low-quality copywriters in the future.
    • You know you’ll need sales pages every time you want to launch a new product or program, but you don’t want to hire a copywriter every single time.
    • You can’t write for beans.
    • You’re a great writer but you’d rather have a root canal than write copy!

Here’s Why this Matters to You

    • When you understand the fundamentals of copywriting, YOU are empowered to handle your copy basics until your budget let’s you invest in a hired pen.
    • When you write your own copy (even just the draft form to hand over to a pro) you can save – literally – thousands of bucks.
    • If you don’t understand the core elements of compellingly good copy, it’s easy to get ripped off because you don’t know if your hired pen has done a good job until it’s too late!
    • A good copywriter will charge between $5-$10k for a single sales page if they start from scratch.
    • To get a pro to write your website pages so they actually convert to opt-ins or sales could cost you as much as $10-$25k!

Design or Backbone?

Let me ask you something: What do you really need in order for your website to attract and keep prospects, customers and clients? Do you need it to look good, or do you need it to compel?

Easy, right. If you want to sell anything, especially online, your message must be compelling! That’s exactly why a pretty website just isn’t enough. In fact, it can never be enough.

Think of it this way:

If the design of your website represents your style,
your brand and your image, the copy is your site’s backbone.

Why? Because your copy (if it’s good copy, of course), is what informs your site visitors that you have the solution they’re looking for.

In other words, your copy is what makes your website compelling (or, ahem … not).

The Short-Cut that Short-Changes your Bottom Line

Whether you want to launch an online program, upgrade your website, understand how to create an engaging signature talk or write a webinar script, you need compelling copy that converts prospects into paying customers.

That’s why good copy is backbone, it’s an essential ingredient to your business marketing, whatever your business is. When you short-cut your copy, you short-change your bottom line.

The problem is, most small and start-up entrepreneurs aren’t ready to spend thousands of bucks on copy. And I don’t blame them! After all, when you’re growing your business, keeping an eye on spending is just common sense … and good copywriters don’t come cheap.

But short-changing your essential needs isn’t a very good plan either, if you actually want to grow.

So what’s a small business owner to do? You know you need a website. And you know you could make money from a solid web presence, but there’s no budget for a copywriter?

Before you Spend the Big Bucks, Do This!

This is where Attract ‘em & Keep ‘em: Website Writing BootCamp comes in!

This program is designed to help you give all your business communication (including your website, your talks, videos and webinars) backbone.

By learning the core elements of good copy before pissing away your hard-earned bucks on a copywriter (who may or may not do your unique ‘voice’ justice), you save time, cash and plenty of headaches … for the life of your business.

And the good news is … you don’t have to be a writer or even like writing to get tons from this program. Why? Because I’ve designed it for people who love what they do but don’t love writing about it!

What You Get

Within these 4 training sessions, you’re going to get a lot of support.

It’s my job to reveal to you the simple tricks of creating compelling copy, in 2 ways:

1. 4 information-packed, Teaching Audios that get you up to speed on copywriting basics.

2. Weekly Action Steps that get you creating what you genuinely need.

Let’s unpack all the juicy goodness in store for you when you join me …

Session #1: Who Are you Talking To?

During our first class, you’ll get a handle on WHO your ideal client or customer is and WHAT you need to be clear about in order to write compelling copy just for them. In the class we’ll answer the following questions about your audience:


    • What do they Need?
    • What Pain do you relieve them of?
    • What Solution do you provide?
    • What is the Conversation already going on in their head?
    • What’s the Language they speak?

Session #2: How do you Talk to Them?

Now that you know WHO you’re talking to, it’s time to discover the copywriter’s “tricks of the trade” so that you can “speak” to your website visitor (or talk attendees at a keynote, networking event or presentation of any kind) in a way that compels and inspires them to want more! During this class I’ll reveal to you the secrets of:bigstock-Businesswomen-With-Digital-Tab-42381265

    • What Compels, and more importantly … what doesn’t!
    • Which words you should avoid at (almost) all cost … and why!
    • The critical difference between Benefits & Features.
    • Why you must exile the “Grammar Nazi” once and for all!
    • The core Persona Types and how to speak to each one.
    • How to gain a wider audience using tips and how-tos.
    • How to use Hypnotic Phrases.

Session #3: Website Planning 101 – Pretty isn’t Good Enough

During our 3rd session, many of your questions about leveraging your website for greater reach and income will be answered. Your copy is a part of a bigger whole that includes things like: home pages, about pages, list building, a free gift and much more. In fact, this class alone is worth it’s weight in gold! In it you’ll learn:


    • The difference between Content and Copy … and when you need which
    • How to build the ultimate ROI – A Thriving List
    • How to Create your “Golden Trio”

    >> A Landing Page & Opt-in Video
    >> An Opt-In Gift
    >> An Email “Nurture” Sequence

    • Your Most Critical Website Elements

Session #4: Anatomy of a Sales Page

Session 4 ties it all together. This class is dedicated entirely to the all-important Sales Page. Expect to walk away from our 4th session with an entirely upgraded level of confidence, understanding and clarity about:

    • The Formula for Building an Effective Sales Pagebigstock-Designer-Drawing-Website-Devel-50658908
    • How to Craft a Compelling Offer
    • Why those Long Pages are so Darn Popular
    • How to “Frame” the Price
    • What Makes a Good Testimonial
    • How to Overcome Objections
    • How to Add Even More Value to your Offers
    • And much more!

But Wait … There’s More!

What would a class like this be without a few fun bonuses, right? That’s why I’ve hand-selected some very special support training for you!

Bonus Burst Badge Blue

Bonus #1:

Blog like a Rock Star!

How to Create Reader-Friendly, SEO-Optimized Blog Posts Even if You Don’t Like to Write 


This 5 Video Training program will give you the knowledge & skills you need to create engaging, reader-friendly and SEO-optimized blog posts to build a loyal fan-base and improve your website rankings.

These ‘No Geek Speak’ videos are designed for you to: watch-pause-implement, then continue … just as if you had a private blogging tutor right by your side!

*** Value $397 USD

 Bonus Burst Badge Blue

Bonus #2:

Dawn’s Delicious
Online Support Bundle

Easy-to-Use tools for Greater Productivity & Website Savvy

Whether you’re strapped for time or need to get a handle on how to set up your website’s structure, this handy bundle of PDFs will map your route in plain English! The bundle includes:


  • How to Build your List Management Map
  • Online Product Marketing Map
  • Time Logging for Time Sanity Spreadsheet
  • Website Structure Basics – the Pages
  • What Makes a Good Testimonial Sample

*** Value $297 USD

How is This Going to Help Me, Dawn?

You WILL walk away from Attract ‘em & Keep ‘em: Website Writing BootCamp with:

    • The know-how to write copy for your website, program launches & sales pages!
    • Foundational skills to write content that keeps people engaged & wanting more!
    • The confidence to write a sales page so that you don’t have to spend a fortune on copywriters every time you want to launch a new product, program or service!
    • A powerful tool to turn your website into a money making machine!

Let’s Break it Down, Shall We?

1. Attract ‘em and Keep ‘em – 4 Session Website Writing BootCamp

Value: $1797

2. Attract ‘em and Keep ‘em Workbook + all Recordings

Value: $597

3. Bonus #1 Blog Like a Rock Star

Value: $397

4. Bonus #2 Dawn’s Delicious Online Support Bundle

Value: $297


So, you’re probably wondering by now …

How Much is all this Dawn?

Glad you asked 😀

If you consider that any decent copywriter will charge you between $1500.00 to $5000.00 (or more) for a sales page alone …

and when you consider that what you’ll learn will help you in ALL your copy needs for the life of your business …

I could easily charge $3000.00 or more.

If I had to work 1:1 with each of you, you’d be right.

But thanks to the internet and online teaching methods, I can make this possible for you wherever you are in your business for a much more reasonable price – yay!

Program VALUE: $3,088
Full Program Price: $997

Let’s Sweeten the Deal even More!

I love to reward fast action because I know first-hand that fast action leads to RESULTS! That’s why, if you choose this offer before Sunday at midnight, Your deal will be even sweeter!

Act Right Now and save an extra 500 bucks.

That’s right, when you Say Yes Now your investment
in top-level copy training is only … $497




The Secret Hidden Benefits You’ll Gain from this Class

bigstock-Eye-looking-through-hole-Isol-26042978Please keep in mind that the skills you’ll learn in this course don’t just apply to your website. Once you understand the essential ingredients for powerful copy, you’ve got the tools to:

  • Write better video scripts
  • Create a more valuable gift for your website
  • Script engaging talks & presentations
  • Improve the way you engage others at networking events
  • Use more compelling words for sales pitches, and …
  • Gain confidence in every area of your communication

Don’t Just Take My Word for It …

If you’re still not convinced that this program can help you in every area of your communication, check out what some of my clients have to say about working with me …

Timothy-SkafidasI’m looking at an almost 5-fold increase in my income and I have the tools to position myself as an expert in my field for the rest of my career!
Timothy Skafidas, Elite Personal Trainer

Angela Caine2“… Once we started working together, Dawn helped me to gain clarity on who my ideal client is and how to help them.
Angela Caine, Transformational Coach & Doctor of Metaphysics (in training)

ABC Testimonial Barb Pachla 2ABC Testimonial Corinne2Dawn has helped us with everything from how to use internet technology, to developing a clear plan to build an audience, creating our marketing message and connecting us with many resources … She is very knowledgeable on both the specifics and the big picture of marketing. We now have a base to reach the world. Thank you Dawn!
Barb Pachla & Corinne Cram, Authors and Educators of Attraction-Based Consciousness

Quick FAQsIcon - Question Mark

Q: What if I don’t have a lot of time?

A: No worries! Remember, all classes are recorded and you get the full workbook, so whatever your schedule, you can make this program work for you. Besides, if you don’t have time to learn the basics, how will you ever find the time to review what a hired pen would create for you?

Q: Will this really work?

A: I’ve coached many clients and friends through copywriting basics, watching “aha!” lightbulbs go off again and again. That’s why I know it works – whether you’re a writer or not! If you take the time to actually apply what you’ll learn in the classes, then refer back to your workbook whenever you have a copy need, you’ll be able to create good-to-great copy with less pain and far greater speed than you can even imagine right now.

Q: What if I don’t have the money?

A: If you can’t afford to invest in the core skills that will make your business money, I’m sorry, but you don’t really have a business just yet. Because here’s the deal: If you don’t have the cash to invest in developing the business skills you need, then you definitely can’t afford to waste the time it will take to reinvent the wheel of communication marketing on your own. (To say nothing of the expense of hiring someone to do it for you!)

Much More than a Money-Saver

bigstock_Strong_Dollar_7910548This program is a lot more than simply a money-saver. The course is LIVE and hands-on with me. It’s designed specifically to empower you to handle all your messaging with greater ease, confidence and clarity.

What you’ll learn will add more fuel to every area of your marketing plan. And it will support all of your sales efforts – both online and off.

In fact, I’m so certain that this class will radically empower and improve your marketing and communication that I’m willing to guarantee it.

If you’ve attend (or listen to) all the lessons, do the weekly homework assignments but don’t improve your website’s copy within 30 days, I’ll return your investment. No questions asked.

Save Time, Energy & Wasted Expenses Now

So unless you’ve really got this whole compelling copy that converts thing down, why not save yourself the time, headaches and wasted expense of figuring it all out yourself – or hiring a pricy professional right out of the gate?

Make the investment in your business success now and watch it
pay off for the life of your business!