spiritual businessIt ain’t about the miracles, it’s about the action. In today’s blog post I want to share with you some wise words from one of my business coaches.

Once-upon-a-time I confused having a spiritual business and spiritual purpose with tangible action – believing the one could miraculously replace the other. Now I understand that, here in our 3D world, both are needed.

So if you are struggling to understand why your awesome service or vision just doesn’t seem to be growing the way it should, you’ll find lots of value in here 🙂

You’re Still in the 3rd Dimension

by Paige Stapleton, Suzanne Evans Coaching, LLC

We don’t watch much TV in our house, but I did flip it on the other day and came across a program that blew my mind. It was some kind of ad talking about how buying this wonderful miracle water and their handy-dandy “Faith tool” would miraculously obliterate all your debt! Seriously?!

Well it got me thinking about some of the conversations I have had with truly beautiful people who seem to be relying solely on miracles to build their businesses. We’ve heard things like, “I’m just going to know the money is coming.”, “I just need to work on my mindset and then the clients will start coming in.”…

In the immortal words of Dr. Phil …

“So how’s that working for you so far?”

More that Faith

The truth is, you have a business that exists here on earth, in the third dimension. And when you have a business…you HAVE TO HAVE A PLAN. There is no way getting around that!

Now, is it essential to have a mindset that is positive and faithful? Absolutely. But I see too many people relying solely on faith, completely on Spiritual concepts from the 4th dimension (and beyond).

And they are broke and struggling and most certainly don’t have successful, thriving businesses.

“Grounding” the Vision

Frankly, I know how that can happen. When Brian and I first started our Life Purpose coaching business, we were relying heavily on Spiritual principles (and not much else) to build our business, and we were broke, struggling and our business was tanking!

There was clearly something missing and we were determined to find out what it was.

What we realized was, it was time for action. It was time to put all of these incredibly powerful Spiritual concepts into concrete, tangible… 3rd dimension ACTION! It was time to marry the gorgeous, powerful feminine energy with some just as powerful and gorgeous masculine energy, into Authentic Action.

And that’s what we encourage you to start really looking at in your own life and business. Along with your efforts in the beautiful success principles of meditation, visualization and positive thinking, it is time for you to make a plan.

Here is a great way to start:

  • Get help – We are not meant to do this alone. Find someone you trust, who has the tools and knowledge you need, and who can help you create a plan and keep you accountable for it. If you don’t see the money right now to hire someone, get a job. We gave our rent money to hire Suzanne as our coach and then got extra work to pay for it… really!
  • Get organized – Make office hours for yourself and fill those office hours with two things, and two things only: working with clients and marketing & sales to bring those clients in to start working with you. This is a time to set boundaries for yourself and for others. You have a business, treat it like one.
  • Get moving – Get out of your house. Find places to network in your community, places you can speak, places your ideal client may be hanging out. Get out and find them, they are not going to miraculously come to you without you taking the first steps.
  • Get curious – Find out what your clients are really struggling with and how they talk about it. Ask questions, get personal. Your business is personal, so your conversations need to be as well. Stop telling people all about your latest and greatest methods and business tactics and start asking questions about what they need…then LISTEN!
  • Get honest – You’re in business, not a hobby. Business is about doing commercially viable and profitable work. It is about making money. That’s the bottom line. If you truly want to have a successful thriving business (and help A LOT of people), you must reconcile this fact with your passion and love for what you do and how you help people.

Remember, you can’t help a lot of people without making a lot of money AND the more money you make, the more people you can reach and therefore help.

So here’s the deal…what’s your plan? Are you trying to manifest a business, or are you out there taking authentic action to support your business.

If you really want to change or improve your circumstances, you gotta get help, get organized, get moving, get curious, get honest and get out there and make your difference in the world!

Have you got a spiritual business that’s struggling for a miracle? What kind help do you need so you can take action now? Let me know in the comments below!

[contentbox width=”600″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”solid” bordercolor=”000000″ dropshadow=”2″ backgroundcolor=”F5F5F5″ radius=”0″]About the Author: Suzanne Evans owner and founder of Suzanne Evans Coaching, LLC, is the tell-it-like-it-is, no fluff boss of business building. She supports, coaches, and teaches over 30,000 women enrolled in her wealth and business building programs. Having surpassed the seven figure mark herself in just over three years, she’s coached her private clients to total revenues exceeding 8 million dollars. In 2011, she launched her Global Impact Project, a not for profit serving women worldwide in education, entrepreneurship, and equality. Learn more about Suzanne here.[/contentbox]

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