Feminine Soul Embodiment

Ground, Embody & Gain Momentum with 1:1 Support

Are you seeking a deeper sense of alignment, flow, and clarity with your life’s path? Do the demands of your career or family seem to pull you away from sacred inner space? Do you find yourself living life through your masculine energies to the point where you feel drained by action, mental processing and goal-driven execution? Do you find it difficult to imagine bringing your spirit-inspired vision into form in a way that deeply nourishes and supports you?

If you are answering “yes” to some of these questions, then your Soul is Calling you to EMBODY your Feminine Self at a deeper level.

This is what I call the Priestess Energy. It is the Embodied, Empowered Woman, able to manifest and act in alignment with her Soul’s wisdom.

As women, we flow in a cyclical way. Our moon cycles alone reveal how deeply connected we are to the cycles of life. When we cut ourselves off from the cycles of flow by forcing and driving ourselves, everyone pays a price. But when we honor this flow? We open to deep wisdom –– a wisdom and inner sense of peace which serves all.


Bringing Vision Into Form

It is time for women who feel the call of our Soul’s to bring Vision into Form … to Embody the shift in consciousness we feel in a way that supports us and lifts others as we rise.

Yet many women feel cut-off from our own passions and life-force energies, as we gaze upon what appears to be a global, downward spiral. We can easily feel at a loss for what to do –– for ourselves, our communities or our world …

And this is because “action” as we come to understand it, is not the whole solution. It is an Inward Turn which we are called to in these times. An Inward Turn to identify and shift old patterns, mindsets and fear-based beliefs that lock us into a system which does not serve life.

For women called by our Souls to awaken, it is this Inward Turn of healing, clarification and empowerment which allows us to bring our Vision into form –– so that our actions flow in alignment with our Soul’s Intended Path.

Session Packages

These packages are highly effective for female Visionaries, Energy Workers, Healers, Helpers and Light Workers who are experiencing challenges or blocks to bring their vision into form. They are designed to help you gain clarity about your Soul’s intent for this life, offering both insights and practical guidance for bringing that Sacred Purpose into form.

Foundations Package








The Foundations Package Guides You into Deeper Connection with Your Soul Blueprint

This package includes a pre-session, astrological intake form and 13 minute prep video where I explain some basic principles of astrology that will let you make the most of our work together. In your 90 minute Foundations session, we will explore the following areas in order to support you in establishing a solid foundation for grounding your vision into tangible form:


    Discover the Journey of your Soul, as revealed in your astrological birth chart, including the gifts, skills and abilities you came with, as well as the challenges you intended to master in this incarnation.


    Identify the patterns of thought, behavior or belief which may be blocking you, so you can transform unconscious conditioning into wise decision-making.


    Determine your areas of “flow” and how to leverage them for making empowered choices.


    Understand your unique, Inner Priestess Voice, and give yourself permission to let Her guide you, so you can bring your gifts to the world!

    Your Session is recorded so you can refer back to it whenever needed.

    Investment: $375

    Embodiment Package

    The Embodiment Package Lets You Bring Your Gifts from Vision to Form

    This package includes the Foundations package PLUS an additional 60 minute session. In this package, we begin the work of EMBODYING the discoveries made in your first session. We will look at how and where to begin taking solid, practical actions in order to make a STAND for your Vision and LIVE your life with Soul in the driver’s seat.


      Get clear on what you must integrate and act upon in order to press the “Open Sesame” button on your Soul’s Intent.


      Gain insight about your incarnational “trauma signature” so you can bring active engagement to areas of your life needing compassion and understanding.


      Receive specific guidance on what to focus on in order to align yourself with your Soul’s intent and move with it in greater ease and flow.


      Align with your deepest potential, with a guided imagery journey designed specifically for you.

      Your Session is recorded so you can refer back to it whenever needed.

      Investment: $650








        Momentum Package








        The Momentum Package gets you Grounded, Grateful and Generating Results

        This Package includes the Embodiment Package (13 minute intro video a 90 minute session a 60 minute session), PLUS one additional 90 minute session.

        In this package, we get you into action. If you are internally “blocked” by negative emotional states, fears, self-defeating habits, you’ll find the Momentum Package highly effective in resourcing you for moving forward with greater energy and ease.

        Processes we use are determined based on the discoveries made in our first two session. Depending on your unique needs, they may include: NLP Timeline Reimprinting; Hypnosis Healing, EFT Tapping Sets, Somatic Meditations and Intuitive/Channeled Guidance.

        This is about how to get fully congruent so that you can make empowered decisions and take solid, practical actions and LIVE your life with Soul in the driver’s seat.

        During this session we will:


          Apply Energy tools to remove inner obstacles, old patterning and incarnational trauma.


          Activate your Soul’s evolutionary intent with a customized, activation ceremony.


          Begin integrating your Wise Inner Priestess, so you feel more self-trust to be and do the “You” you are designed to be.


          Set up your next right steps plan so you can unfold your vision in a grounded and fulfilling way.

          Your Session is recorded so you can refer back to it whenever needed.

          Investment: $1100

            These are for you if…


              You hold a vision for your life, your business or your work which you just cannot seem to bring into grounded or tangible form.


              You know deep inside that you are here to BE and DO something more sacred and powerful.


              You have dedicated yourself to a path of healing & awakening and you are ready for the next step.


              You are a female entrepreneur with a mission-based vision or business.


              You are longing for a deeper connection with the Sacred Feminine, Priestess or Inner Goddess energies


              You feel like there is some block that’s preventing you from Re-Claiming your greatest Potential.


              You wish to feel more connected with your Soul energy


              You are being nudged, tapped on the shoulder (or perhaps harshly shoved) to make a big change in your life.

              Read what others say...


              “Thank you for helping me see the immediate opportunity to make an opt-in offer … With your coaching I came up with the absolutely perfect opt-in gift – something EVERYBODY wants that brings tremendous value and beautifully supplements what I already offer … It will be just right immediately and going forward!”

              "Before working with Dawn I was confused and bewildered. I knew I wanted a business that would help people transform their lives but I didn’t know where to start.

              Once we started working together, dawn helped me to gain clarity on who my ideal client is and how to help them by looking at my own journey from pain to power I have learnt so much about what’s possible now. Dawn has a unique way of being able to see a vision for her clients and being able to motivate them into taking action. She is ago a wonderfully kind and intuitive lady with a big heat who is a pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend dawn highly enough and I am so grateful to her."

              Angela Caine, Transformational Coach and doctor of metaphysics in training


              “Wow! I enjoyed my coaching session with Dawn immensely. What she provided was of HIGH VALUE – with a lot of great information for me to apply in my business!”

              Dr. Jan L. Iwata D.O.


              “This was extremely helpful.  It gave language to what I was feeling around bringing a vision, dream and awareness to my business and establish trust among the women I work with.  I realize that I had a belief that my business was promoting superficiality (beauty) and after listening to your video, I have connected to the deeper meaning of beauty, that it is my purpose in this life, and how I can serve a new and different belief system/consciousness around that for woman. Wonderful!  Thank you Dawn.”

              Denise Lampron, Personal Stylist, ColorStyleStudio.com


              Vivian Jane Powers

              "Dawn gives thoroughly. Her worldly and otherworldly knowledge of the feminine shows up in everything she does. She has integrity and a heart full of love for all. She is unafraid to speak the truth. She is the kind of leader we need for these times. And she charges a fair price for her offerings! Dawn is the real deal."

              “Working with Dawn DelVecchio continues to be a brilliant choice! She is faster than a speeding bullet train, smarter than my hard-drive, and a warm and sincere woman all rolled into one. She is my mentor in Marketing. I wish I could get the jobs done as fast as she can suggest great new ideas.”

              Caroline Muir, Author and Founder, www.divine-feminine.com


              Being an NLP Master Practitioner myself, I know the tools of NLP very well. And I’m also aware that being guided through interventions by someone else is much more effective for me than doing it myself. That’s why I sought Dawn’s help. I trusted that with her kind and compassionate nature and decades of experience in the healing service, she would be able to help me with past traumas. And she did!

              Dawn has a very thorough and accurate approach of going through the individual steps of an intervention and gave me great space and support to walk through it in my own time. I felt much relief after our session and experience more ease in my life now when it comes to structuring my work load and balancing myself. Thank you Dawn for your outstanding guidance!

              Helene Weiss, Mindset Coach @ShineOnline.today


              “When I think about the powerful women who have blessed my life, Dawn is at the top of the list. During a time when we worked together for the same company, Dawn quickly became the unofficial mentor to many of us, as her compassionate nature, paired with her wisdom and broad spectrum of esoteric knowledge, is unparalleled.

              I’m extremely grateful to have Dawn in my life and I know it is time for her to share her gifts with women around the world.”

              Leanne Kallal, Co-Founder, JuicyGeniuses.com


              My tarot reading with Dawn was amazing – so insightful and so different from what I have had before.

              I feel a greater sense of direction heading into 2017 and much confirmation – and just loved that she used an amazing deck with the new major arcana’s – archetypes for the new consciousness we are stepping into.
              That was most fascinating, and excellent that I got a few of the new major arcana’s in my reading – that was further evidence and clarification that I am on the correct path.

              Thank you again Dawn for your immense wisdom and insight.

              Maria Therase Cucinotta, Director – Femme International Sydney


              “These all 7 resonate with essential & universal spiritual principles that I embrace as a Baha’i & as a human being … echoed in the work of so many & articulated beautifully by you Dawn. Thank you again & have a blessed day!”

              Rebecca Osvold, Talent, Oregon


              “My expectations were surpassed! Dawn masterfully integrated many tools to support me in reaching my goals, including NLP timeline re-imprinting, hypnosis, guided meditations, tarot and astrological insights, crystal healing, aromatherapy and sacred ceremony.

              Dawn is insightful, intuitive, knowledgeable, but best of all her she genuinely cares. Her delivery is nurturing, loving, and supportive. I can't say enough about what a blessing she has been in my life! I left the Intensive feeling empowered and with master plan for my life and my business.”

              Jacqueline Ortiz, SwitchItDiva.com


              “Talking with you has always given me the desire to be a better person on so many levels … you approach life with a positive, make-it-work attitude that to me seems effortless – as easy as breathing.”

              Virginia Roarke, small business owner and mother of one son


              “You will always be the one in my life who taught me tarot and initiated me into the lexicon of the goddess … you had a great way of addressing things so directly and bluntly and yet with compassion … those times set a solid foundation for my spirituality.”

              Alia Munn, performing artist, playwright and mom of 2 sons


              “What you do for me is bring out a strength and pride in being female in this life and in honoring the sacred feminine while also recognizing that the masculine, within myself and within others, is equally important and deserves the same respect … I recall being with you in Orgiva and experiencing how both men and women felt grace in your presence. This is, in my estimation, your greatest tool/expertise/approach.”

              Beebe Bairami, anthropologist, writer and author of The Spiritual Traveler Spain


              “You have a technique of listening to others interests, then pulling out certain details from what you hear, building upon them with your own knowledge and experience, providing that information to whom you are talking, to then create a ! and ? to go off in that person’s head, helping them to realize these may be passions that need to be explored.”

              Celeste Parrins, Business Manager, MindValley


              “I’ve had the pleasure of working on multiple different projects over the last few years with Dawn and this woman just gets it! Not only is she a great writer and creator but she understands marketing and the online world in a way that many do not. She’s organized, brilliant, creative, and a whole lot of fun to work with! If you get the chance, I highly recommend working with Dawn – in any capacity. She’ll bring wisdom, experience, and a lot of personality to anything she touches!”

              Alexandra Cattoni, Co-Founder, JuicyGeniuses.com


              “What I really love about working with Dawn is her integrative approach. She has so many skills … apart from her business sense and marketing know, she has this wide open heart and really embodies the Divine Feminine. She’s also got all these other skills she can throw in like NLP, astrology to understand you on a deeper level.

              I couldn’t recommend Dawn highly enough – she’s worth every penny and given me so much value in these 3 days.”

              Claudia Spahr, Founder & Owner, Holy-Mama.com


              "Having taught the concepts of Attraction Based Consciousness locally, we knew that the material was affective in empowering people’s lives and wanted to expand our outreach. Before working with Dawn we had little knowledge of how to accomplish the expansion. Dawn has helped us with everything from how to use Internet technology, to developing a clear plan to build an audience, creating our marketing message and connecting us with many resources. She is very knowledgeable on the specifics and big picture of marketing. We now have a base to reach the world. Thank you Dawn!"

              Barb Pachla and Corinne Collier Cram, AttractionBasedConsciousness.com


              “Dawn Delvecchio is a wonderful, kind and loving person that cares deeply about people. She can explain in laymans terms what we are all moving towards in life. I have a great understanding when she answers my questions on life. She has a wealth of knowledge that can help anyone in any situation. Her workshops are well structured and her meditation CD is easy to follow. I look forward to her inspirational posts and reflections. I would recommend Dawn to anyone and everyone!”

              Melanie Palubick, Founder of Namaste Wisdom Productions


              “You inspired me to be a strong woman, to be feminine yet fierce. I always admired that you were both physical and very knowledgeable … I always left your class feeling inspired to be a better person.”

              Jennana Johnson, former professional muaythai fighter and mom of 4


              Simone T. Griffin

              "Deciding to work with Dawn was easily the best decision I could have made for myself and my business. We worked from both the practical and esoteric aspects in designing and pursuing a roadmap that aligned my unique skills with the needs and desires of the market. On the (many) days when I felt uncertain or dissatisfied with myself, Dawn pushed with love and nurturing. I knew she wouldn't let me off the hook, but I also knew that she understood and was willing to walk with me through my concerns and hesitations. I feel transformed after working with her, and no longer held back by so many limiting beliefs. Plus I learned a ton about coaching modalities and building a business by both watching and listening to her. Dawn is truly a treasure, and I look forward to continuing to learn from her."

              “You’ve helped us all by so willingly sharing your innermost struggles and then inspiring us by shifting into alignment and coming back with incredible success stories weeks or months later.”

              Laurie Lakin, Retired


              “Dawn’s expertise and eagle’s-eye perspective of my business has been invaluable. During our VIP DAY, Dawn helped me integrate the many services and offerings I was putting out in the world into one cohesive message and brand and then create a marketing map to back it up.

              Dawn is positively fierce and “no-fluff” when it comes to helping you put a stake in the ground for who you are, what you stand for and how you intend to message this in a way that will land for the people YOU are here to serve!”

              Tal Shai, www.TalShai.com

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