“Why do ‘balls’ equate with toughness and ‘pussy’ equates with weakness when even the slightest flick to the nuts sends a guy to his knees and vaginas can push out an entire human being?”

sacred feminine

The Sacred Feminine And The Message Beneath The Words

The quote above addresses a deeply held subconscious assumption still rampant the world over: That the feminine is loath-worthy and the masculine is the source of power.

All you need to do is reflect upon the words pussy and balls. Consider the way the word “pussy’ is often spat out of a man’s mouth as a malevolent insult to other men, and the way the word “balls” is applied as a statement of praise … FEEL the energy and emotion around these 2 words (not simply their reference to biological parts), and you will know precisely what I mean.

Isn’t it interesting that, as I shared this around FB yesterday, only 2 men initially chose to commented. (Although many conscious brothers shared this post and I THANK YOU for your awareness and respect <3 )

They Think They’ve “Got It” But What They Say Makes It SO Clear They Don’t!

Of the 2 men who commented, instead of expressing some reflective awareness of the weight of this statement – the way it uses emotionally charged words with many LAYERS of meaning to turn an ancient assumption on its head – they chose to deflect: One by being a literalist, the other by diversion (although he still managed to get the word ‘rape’ into his comment).

I am not suggesting these guys are bad, just unaware of the impact that hate words related to our vaginas have on us (See Naomi Wolfe’s book “Vagina” to understand just how LITERALLY we are wired to feel unsafe when words are used to intend harm to or denigrate our feminine parts.) They, like most, have no language to honor the sacred feminine.

Of course, few people understand this physiological phenomenon, so we cannot blame the men who are unaware. How many have courage enough to read a book called “Vagina” after all, given the status in our world of the “pussy”? …

(Which exactly illustrates the point of the quote, doesn’t it? Can’t you just hear the snarky inner dialog of too many: “What kind of a “pussy” would read a book called “Vagina?”)

Let’s Spell It Out …

So to clear up any confusion among the literalists or dismissives about (one layer of) the underlying meaning of the quote: Women want our bodies respected. Our vaginas are sacred. They are the sacred feminine portal through which all life comes, they are the pleasure center for us and they are the flower of pleasure for most men. HONOR HER and you honor US – 51{2dffcae524e448daa5a394de35e8db397573d0ad5ca9273ab673a724f30cb980} of the human population.

It is time for all of us – and most particularly men – to deepen and expand our awareness to the poison that is the denigration of the feminine. It is a toxin which sickens both genders. 

As long as women ANYWHERE in the world are being raped, sold, exploited or denigrated, the issue of the vagina is central to this awareness. When we RESPECT the sacred feminine gateway through which all human life emerges, we honor LIFE… when we denigrate, dismiss or sidetrack the “issues” around it, we continue to support a planetary culture of death.

The time to continue to permit hair splitting about sexist oppression is over.

Listen-Up Brothers

Language matters. Words matter. No word is neutral. There are feelings, associations and implications behind them all. Let’s stop pretending otherwise. Denigrating the feminine through the use of vaginal references as hate language only serves to perpetuate the hate of the feminine principle. It poisons us all.

NOW is time for men to listen to women. Really Listen.

When we say we do not want our sacred yonis invoked as a term of hate, we mean it. Cunts, Pussies, Yonis and Vaginas are the words of High Holy Humanness. The Vagina IS the Sacred Feminine and all those words which refer to HER, refer to the holy gateway through which the spirit can come into form.

These words should be used with REVERENCE. Brothers and Sisters I call you to awaken and FEEL this … to KNOW it so that you may HONOR HER.

When we honor the vagina, we honor life.

About Dawn DelVecchio

Dawn DelVecchio is a Priestess, Womb Keeper, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Astrologer and Master Tarot Reader. She a Business Mentor for women and men ready to take their Sacred Work to the next level, and is also the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author of the book, Spirit, Mind & Money.

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