Do you ever wonder why you’re here? Have you ever looked at the world around you and thought, “This world is insane!” War, murder, mayhem, gun ‘wrangling’ and animal ‘plinking’ for fun, a contemptibly long history of genocide, slavery, domination, gender & racial oppression, abuse of ever flavor … it boggles the mind and breaks the heart, doesn’t it?

Incarnation into a Sh*thole

3 things converged for me this past weekend that got me reflecting on the nature of consciousness – before and after Awakening.

The first thing was a movie I watched called, “The Help”. You’ve probably heard of it. The book, by Kathryn Stockett, exposes the racism of Mississipi in the 1960s. The second thing was another movie called “The Mission” with Robert DiNero. This one is about 18th century Portuguese and Spanish colonization (read: mass murderers) of South America, and the Jesuit Missionaries in the middle of that big, ugly mess.

Finally, the third was a youtube vid titled, “Remind Me Again, Why did I Incarnate to this Sh*hole?” Boy-oh-boy did this title catch my eye! Why? Because throughout my life, in one way or another, I think I’ve been asking this very question …

Humanity’s Insanity

The way I see it, in the most simple terms, there’s 2 kinds of consciousness: before Awakening and after Awakening. Now, before Awakening, humans are basically insane. Yep, you heard me, insane. Of course, society doesn’t label the total identification with ego and separation-consciousness-to-the-point-of-murder-and-abuse as insane. But ask yourself this: is there really any justification, ever, for cruelty, abuse, insulting others with the intention of hurting them, war, conquering, slavery, scamming, ripping-off, or the big one: revenge, beyond absolute nutso-craziness?

If you’re on a spiritual path, at some point you’ve probably asked yourself or God, “WTF am I doing in this violent, miserable place?” Even as we can find tremendous beauty and upliftment on our gorgeous, benevolent planet, when it comes to human behavior, there’s clearly something really wrong.

And even if this existential question isn’t as clear or blunt as the way I’ve written it, you’ve probably experienced times of confusion, frustration or a sense of hopelessness about your life or our very future on this Earth.

But after Awakening, your awareness and understanding shift. How? Well Gregg Prescott of does a really nice job of explaining it. If you’re going through the Awakening process, I know you’ll find his words valuable right now!

Many blessings,

Remind Me Again, Why did I Incarnate to this Sh*hole?

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Did you ever wonder why you decided to incarnate to these lower vibrations of the third density?

When we were back on the other side with Source, life seemed so easy. We had the answers to all universal questions and lived in the complete vibration of love. There was no dissension, hatred, ego, or financial concerns, just love.

After many years of being in this vibration, you forgot what it was like to live in a 3rd dimensional vibration, yet you were fortunate enough to have been here in at least one other previous incarnation and you remembered how your spiritual progression was raised exponentially by being in a world full of duality.

“This Time I Swear I’ll Do It Differently!”

You swore to yourself that this time, you would not allow the lower third dimensional vibrations to bring you down. You planned on bringing back the vibration of love with you to this planet, but your memories of being with Source were once again wiped from your immediate memories as the 3rd dimensional brainwashing began, yet again.

Conform & Forget!

From birth, you were indoctrinated into a system that promotes subservience, control and conformity. You always felt cognitive dissonance over this but weren’t sure why. It seemed like everybody else was conforming to this system and this is the way it is supposed to be.

You attended school and sometimes caught yourself daydreaming as if your higher self was telling you, “A formal education is not what is important in life.”

As a child, you were taught how to play sports and learned aggressive, self-serving behaviors that only reinforced the divide and conquer mentality that is forced upon us by our societal expectations.

You were pacified with mundane television programs that not only took you further away from who truly are, but helped to influence what you thought, wore, ate, drank, etc..

Wake Up & Smell the Sh*t

As you grew older, you started to discover how corrupt this system has become on Earth, not only in your home country, but all over this planet. You begin to seek answers to questions that are not taught in school, such as “What is the origin of human existence?” and “Why are there so many opposing religions when there is only one Source?”

You become trapped in a system that relies on monetary success in order to survive, making you an economic slave to the few that control the many. Unknowingly, you become part of that system.

So, Why Did I Decide to Incarnate to this Shithole?

Every one of these situations gave you a chance to learn and grow spiritually. For a while, you simply forgot how these challenges would benefit you. You knew that at some point in this incarnation, you would awaken to find your true self along with your purpose for being here.

It seemed so easy when you were on the other side with Source. You wanted to make millions of soul contracts because they all seemed so easy to achieve while you are in the presence of Source. Instead, you listened to Source and ended up making thousands of soul contracts, which all seemed achievable in this lifetime.

Some of these soul contracts involved people who you would only meet for a brief minute, but somehow, they changed your life, or you changed theirs. They helped to lead you back to your path of enlightenment, or vice-versa.

While you may never personally know these people, you were best friends with them when you were back with Source.

Did you ever see someone for the first time and just know that you’ve known this person from somewhere? Chances are, you did know this person when you were back with Source.

Soul Purpose – BIG TIME, This Time

You also wanted to come back to be part of the Great Awakening. We are at a point in time where our planet is completing a 26,000 year cycle called the precession of the equinoxes. We are also at the end of a greater cycle in which our solar system has completed it revolution around its own sun in Sirius. You said to yourself, “There is no way I’m gonna miss out on this!” Besides, you forgot what it was like to experience duality and polarity.

In the end, this shithole has been an amazing experienced filled with an abundance of opportunities for spiritual growth. If you decide to come back here in another incarnation, look for this article!

Remember this: YOU are the light at the end of the tunnel!

In my heart-of-hearts, I truly believe that if you are here right now, and you are actually conscious enough to intend a better world, then I completely agree with Gregg – you came here to BE the “light at the end of the tunnel”. My question for you is this: What are you doing to bring this light forth – in yourself, in your community and in our world? Share your passion, purpose or vision of hope with me in the comments below!


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Dawn DelVecchio is a Priestess, Womb Keeper, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Astrologer and Master Tarot Reader. She a Business Mentor for women and men ready to take their Sacred Work to the next level, and is also the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author of the book, Spirit, Mind & Money.

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3 Responses to “Why Are You Here? – Humanity’s Insanity”

  1. PhoenixInCO

    Thank you for sharing this. Many many times I have wondered WTF I was doing here LOL I have never fit in with what is “normal”. Always been a black sheep.
    Rather than conforming to the norm, over the years I have adjusted my perspective and come to understand that normal is in the eye of the beholder. It’s been a pretty lonely journey for the most part. But the last few years I am finding more and more people on a similar path. I love when that happens, as it feels a lot less lonely and hopeless when you know that you are part of a much bigger thing that is actually good 🙂
    So I just do my own thing spreading Light whenever and wherever I can. I am a Reiki Master, and have done lots and lots of distant healing over the years. Sometimes I get to work on people in person. I just do it whenever the opportunity presents itself.
    I am so grateful for my encounters, however brief, with other Beings of Light that have helped me on this crazy trip to planet earth. Thanks again for the reminder that there is a higher purpose, and that there are lots of others on this path walked least.

  2. kdparker53

    Whew! Small problem with the “logging in” process…. lol I remember as a small child being different. I was popular in HS, but tended to shy away from people that were mean, bullish, insensitive to others. As a really small child I used to play a game of hide and seek with myself. I was actually hoping in and out of dimensions, but I didn’t understand that then. it just felt like I was changing skin, :). I can remember wondering why I was here and what the purpose ( of life ) was, as young as 5. I have always felt estranged from others and when i finally meet others like me, I’m always relieved to be home! I’m sure there must be millions out there just like I am, but I still feel alone sometimes and I’m grateful for your site. I am a Reiki Matser. I teach and attune others free of charge, because everyone has the natural ability to heal themselves as it is a birth right. I also try to instill the vision of hope, love and eventual “God space”. To maintain a higher vibration than the Earth, so that we may eventually cross out of this negativity. Sending healing/positive energy to those in need is still what I do best. Namaste’

    • Dawn DelVecchio

      Hi Kathleen! Thanks so much for writing and for being here on Planet Earth to assist with the changes. Wow! Your hide-n-seek game sounds incredible! Would love to know what it felt like in those other dimensions. I myself seem to have a ‘block’ to dimensional travel. It’s okay, I know why. I spent lots of ‘lifetimes’ wandering way out there and in this lifetime I’ve intended to come back to the world and harness more of my left brain to communicate, clarify and ‘spread the good word’, so to speak 🙂 I’m trained to Reiki I only. Love to be in the energies of Reiki and other energy healing modalities, and my site,, is more related to that. But again, I serve more as a communicator, teacher & ‘maven’ than healer or trans-dimensional shaman in this life. I do, however, do lots of energy sending and prayers at the beginning of my morning meditations. It feels so good! Many blessings and do stay in touch! I really appreciate this connection 🙂 Oh! and you might appreciate this:


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