Do you know what a ‘Golden Indigo” is? Well, it might just be you! If you’re over 25 and you’ve heard of “Indigo Children” before – and you’ve maybe even thought you were one of them – you might be a ‘Golden’.

Check out this wonderful little piece from Emissary of Light, James Twyman to discover if you are an adult Indigo.

The Golden Indigos

I have some very exciting news to share. After months of preparation, the work that I initiated over ten years ago with the Indigo Children has taken a dramatic new turn. I hope you’ll read this information and pay close attention to the emails I’ll be sharing in the next few weeks.

The Indigo Children

Twenty or so years ago, psychics began identifying a “new and profoundly aware group of children” on the planet. They were called Indigo Children because many of them had indigo auras, and they all felt that they had an important mission to play. Though the specifics sometimes change, the Indigos are essentially here to share a new level of wisdom and insight, allowing humanity itself to take the next leap in conscious evolution.

I have written two books on the subject, directed or produced two films (including the award winning feature film “Indigo”), and have sponsored many conferences where the children themselves were the presenters. In recent years, however, attention has shifted in other directions, and that is one of the reasons I’m sharing this new information.

What if I told you that there is another source of profound wisdom with us today, a group of Indigos who has more insight to share than we can imagine? And what if all this group needs to activate their wisdom is to be empowered – to have their wisdom welcomed by humanity? The people I’m talking about are all around us, though they are often unseen. It’s not because they’re invisible, or keeping their presence a secret. It’s because we often push them aside, and in doing so, we miss the amazing gifts they are here to share.

The Golden Indigos

Of course I’m talking about our elders, the senior members of our race who have the experience and insight that many of us lack. They are our Golden Indigos because they they set the stage for everything that is happening now. If we continue to dishonor these amazing sages, then we’ll miss the truth they are here to share, just like the children. But if we welcome them, knowing that they still have so much to offer, then they’ll help humanity bring balance and lasting peace. It’s this balance that’s important – the children and the elders. This is what I’m dedicating my life to now!

Over the next several weeks I’m going to share a wide assortment of information, all with the purpose of honoring and welcoming the Golden Indigos. You may be one of them, and I invite you to take your place as one of our great wisdom holders. You’ll have many ways to do that.

A New Feature Film: Redwood Highway

To launch this movement, I’ve begun preproduction on a new feature film meant to show just how capable our elders are, and how much wisdom they have to share. “Redwood Highway” will be shot in October and November of this year, and will be released mid-2013. I’ve found that the best way to get a movement rolling is to make a great, professional and inspiring film about it. I’ve hired an amazing director named Gary Lundgren, who also worked with me on the script. The movie will be shot in southern Oregon, and we’ll make sure you’re kept abreast of its progress. All I’ll say for now is that you’re going to be very pleased with the results.

The Next Step

There are going to be so many ways to play a part in this movement. I believe it’s critical if we’re to move forward into a new world dominated by compassion and peace. I hope you agree. All I ask is that you continue to read these emails as I share more information over the next few weeks. Let’s reinvigorate the Indigo Children by giving proper credit to the ones who set the stage for their arrival. We are all Indigo Children and each one of us has a role to play. It’s time our elders were honored for theirs.

In Peace,
James Twyman

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Dawn DelVecchio is a Priestess, Womb Keeper, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Astrologer and Master Tarot Reader. She a Business Mentor for women and men ready to take their Sacred Work to the next level, and is also the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author of the book, Spirit, Mind & Money.

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