You’ve committed yourself to living a holistic lifestyle. Perhaps you even pride yourself on it. You’ve improved your health and wellness by taking a holistic approach to medicine. So what makes you think that a “traditional” approach to running your business will be the most successful? Spoiler alert – it won’t!

What exactly is a holistic approach to business? And how can you integrate one into your life? Actually, it’s quite simple and logical. A holistic approach to your business is one that recognizes that the whole of your business is more important than any individual aspect of it (for example the revenue your business brings in, which is where most of the attention tends to go when following a capitalist approach to business). Read on to learn the top 5 reasons why your business will boom when you treat it holistically.

#1 – Increased Clarity

When you take a holistic approach to your business you’ll become very aware of every aspect of your business and of how they are each working together – or not working – to support your mission. Of course you are likely (hopefully!) already very aware of these different parts of your business, but taking a whole systems approach to your company will allow for a change in your mindset. You’ll be making decisions from a perspective that considers the entire company, instead of the strongest or previously perceived “most important” parts of the business.

#2 – Better Relationships

Part of your new holistic approach to your business includes ensuring that the “total wellbeing” of your employees is supported. This includes their bodies, minds, and spirits and can be achieved in a multitude of ways. When you do this your employees will know that they are appreciated and that their contributions to your business are respected, which of course leads to increased job satisfaction and synergy in the workplace.

#3 – Personal And Professional Integrity

As our view of the world continues to change, our relationship to work is also shifting. The further we move into the new paradigm, the more people are waking up to the realization that the western business model is contributing to many global problems. Creating businesses that share responsibility for the whole is of utmost importance right now. As business owners and community leaders we can choose to model integrity by running businesses that positively affect our communities, employees, and the planet.

# 4 – More Satisfied Customers

Your ideal clients – those who are seeking exactly what you are offering – are likely invested in living holistic lifestyles themselves. And they want to support holistic and heart-centered businesses – like yours! So when you make an obvious effort to run a holistic business you’ll attract even more of your ideal clients to you… like bees to honey!

# 5 – Your Bottom Line

Financial success is among the most important reasons to adopt a holistic business approach. When you are taking action from a place of awareness of your entire business – your mission, the entire organization, your community impact, etc. – you’ll be able to move forward with confidence because you know you are making the best decision for all parties involved. Your new approach will be more aligned with your mission and goals and will therefore bring you more success.

These are just a few of the top reasons why your business will thrive when you approach it holistically. By doing so you can position yourself on the leading edge of business as our world continues to change and consciousness grows in leaps and bounds. Heart-centered leadership is truly what the world needs at this time.

About Dawn DelVecchio

Dawn DelVecchio is a Priestess, Womb Keeper, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Astrologer and Master Tarot Reader. She a Business Mentor for women and men ready to take their Sacred Work to the next level, and is also the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author of the book, Spirit, Mind & Money.

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