awakeningThe Awakening Will Not Be Televised Or: What Will It Take?

As the light of consciousness grows among the Awakening Ones, so too, grows the shadow.

Fear looms large these days here on Planet Earth. For those who watch TV (or permit just anything into their Facebook newsfeed), it’s an orgy of never-ending war scenarios, random acts of terror, gratuitously violent entertainment, and a circus of a political scene in the USA that manages to be simultaneously both terrifying and comedically absurd.

I and many others would argue that there is a very deliberate intent by a few to control and immobilise the masses through this bizarre combination of fear and mind-numbing “entertainment.”

It is not my intention to dive down that rabbit hole, but it is clear that the plan is working. Too many have become frozen by fear. They are hunkering down, shutting up, watching TV and being grateful for fewer and fewer crumbs … exactly as planned.

Then There is the Other Side …

The Awakening Ones. The “Light Workers.” Those who see through the illusion and no longer buy into the BS. We are the ones who remember the intention of our Soul to Awaken and Serve the Light. We are the ones who chose to come back – yet again – in order to turn the tide, finally, and set our Planet and Her children free.

If you are reading this … I mean really reading this … then you are likely one of those very Light Workers. The question is: are you letting the fear and the “entertainment” and the overwhelm of these times lull you into apathy? Or are you stepping up and stepping in to the Light you intended to be?

Have you been, buying into the fear? If you have, I understand. I was too. After all, the illusion of lack, danger and desperation appear very real, here in the physical. And if you are a woman, a person of colour or in any way “marginalised” from mainstream society, it can be downright dangerous to stand up, to challenge the lies, to face the intimidation … to walk away from “normal” or “safe” and act courageously on the biding of your Soul.

And yet, you came here, didn’t you? You came here with the exact attributes necessary to achieve your Soul’s mission – and to activate greater love and light.

What Will It Take?

So what will it take to galvanise our human family into the real actions needed right now? After all, there is no political “leader” who will solve our problems. If we’ve learned nothing else up to now, surely it is this!

What will it take for the Bringers of Light to step away from the fear, the programming, the crappy “entertainment” designed to keep you passive, fearful and asleep?

What will it take to BE the courage of your conviction and hold love and light in the face of fear and hate?

What will it take to embody divinity-in-action, through loving kindness and a refusal to give in to fear?

One thing it will take is community. Real community. We cannot do this alone. We were never meant to! We must find our tribe, support and stand by each other, and get the guidance we may need to navigate these times.

The Challenge

Yet when it comes to finding real community or genuine leaders, there is a challenge.

The infiltration of shadow into the Light Worker community has been quite thorough. In a sea of noise, information, entertainment and increasingly devious marketing tactics that bombard us everywhere, it becomes tough to discern the voices of true Light Workers from those multiplying “experts” whose real skill is getting you to believe their false promises.

Indeed, there are charlatans riding the wave of unprecedented internet access in order to sell to you. They know the lingo of the Light Worker and use it to best advantage. They promise a lot, using all the right “triggers” to garner your trust. In the end the only thing they really deliver to you is a lighter wallet.

Uncovering the REAL requires discernment. It demands your active attention and commitment to Awaken. It requires YOU to be 100{2dffcae524e448daa5a394de35e8db397573d0ad5ca9273ab673a724f30cb980} personally connected to your inner compass (intuitive guidance, “gut” knowing … call it what you will), and 100{2dffcae524e448daa5a394de35e8db397573d0ad5ca9273ab673a724f30cb980} personally responsible for your life.

Holding out hope for quick fixes to long-standing problems is a perfect match to the frequencies of false prophets who are abundant at this time.

The “Price” of Awakening

Drastic times call for drastic measures, they say. I say it’s time for each of us to courageously BE the source of love and light which is so needed. At this time when fear-mongering has become the mainstream paradigm, we must find each other, “Lift as we Climb*,” and Awaken into a sustainable
paradigm of Love, Respect and P E A C E toward Self and Others.

We are 1 family, 1 planet.

So if you are struggling in lack of any kind: love, money, resources, opportunities, then ask yourself these questions:
• “What am I SPENDING my time and attention on?” …
• “What am I INVESTING in with my energy?” …
• “What am I PAYING attention to with my thoughts and feelings?” …
• “What is the COST of the choices I make from the place of fear or scarcity?”

This is the time of the Awakening, the time to stop buying into fear and invest in the Love and Light that you are. You are a Powerful Creator. It’s time to turn off the television and tune IN to YOU.

It’s time to dig deep and find your Courage … to Reclaim your Dreams, breath life into them, and surround yourself with the support of others like you, so that you can BE and DO the mission of your Soul, whatever that is.

With Much Love & Light,

*Credit to Professor Angela Davis, from a 1987 keynote at Spellman College

About Dawn DelVecchio

Dawn DelVecchio is a Priestess, Womb Keeper, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Astrologer and Master Tarot Reader. She a Business Mentor for women and men ready to take their Sacred Work to the next level, and is also the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author of the book, Spirit, Mind & Money.

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