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From the time I was very young I felt a deep connection to Spirit. First, it was through my curiosity about the life of Jesus. Sadly, that was dismantled quickly once I was exposed to the harsh and shallow dogma of Catholicism.

Still, my longing to uncover spiritual truth continued, ranging from Goddess lore, tarot, astrology, readings of the Christian mystics, Native American traditions, Buddhism, Hinduism, yoga, meditation and more …

Truth is, I have always been and continue to be a “spiritual” person. To me being “spiritual” is the best part of being human!

Now, I had heard of the concepts of “personal growth” and “personal development,” but in my naiveté, I thought that by being “spiritual” my bases were covered and I lived in the world as a much more enlightened, wise person than most.

Ha! What An Ego Trip I was On!

• Never mind that my spirituality didn’t seem to do anything for my ability to feel safe in the world, to trust in my future, or to secure a job that I enjoyed.

• Never mind that I frequently woke in the middle of the night with anxiety and worry – about anything and everything.

• Never mind that there was nothing … absolutely ZERO … that indicated I was on my way to a better future.

Nope. I was spiritually wise and therefore needed no help, insights or alternative suggestions about how I might “do” life better, thank you very much.

I was spiritual and therefor, I was “developed” as a person. “If it’s meant to be, it will be” was what I figured. “The Divine will place all that success and abundance I’ve been praying for right in my path. I just need to visualise it and stay positive, it’ll be here any minute!”

It’s Funny to Reflect Upon it Now

… But at the time, despite my fear and frustration, I never considered that I might have to actually do something different if I wanted to experience different results in my life!

It just never occurred to me. Until I hit about 45 years old …

There comes a time in life (for some of us anyway) when we have to stop and ask ourselves:

“Is this it? Is this all I’m going to get out of life?”

Around 45 is when these questions started burning in me to the point when I could no longer ignore them. By then I had had several broken relationships, years of hard work in several different “careers,” an adult kid who was on his own, and almost nothing else to show for the 1st half of this life as a hard-working human.

I had no savings, no nest-egg, no furniture of my own, no car I owned … I didn’t even own my own pots, pans or flatware!

Outside of a really cool-but-low-paying “lifestyle” career as a travel writer, I personally had pretty much nothing. Nada.

Broke, Depressed & Dependent

I was broke, depressed, dependent on my boyfriend and living in the cold, high, Colorado Rockies where winter lasted from October-May, and temperatures reached “normal” lows of 20- to 30-below for days and weeks on end, annually. (And even those who know almost nothing about me know that I cannot stand being cold!)

If I was so spiritual and enlightened, why was I so utterly incapable of commanding my life?

• Was I burning off “bad karma”?

• Was I simply not able to manage my own thoughts?

• Was I “just around the corner” from something great?

No. No. No.

To put it painfully plainly: I was utterly undeveloped as a person.

Sure, I could “speak woo” with the best of ’em. Still can. But I had not a single bit of understanding on how to actually LIVE in the world successfully. I had no CLUE that if I wanted a life that made me happy I was going to have to do a HELL of a lot more than read spiritual books and “visualise” a dream home!

Step #1: Dawn Climbs off Her Spiritual High Horse

If I wanted to command and create my life, achieve my goals and establish some kind of material security, I was going to have to do something really different, starting with taking full, 100{2dffcae524e448daa5a394de35e8db397573d0ad5ca9273ab673a724f30cb980} responsibility for my life.

And then I was going to have to come down off my spiritually enlightened high horse and humble myself enough to LEARN from others who were living joyful and fulfilling lives.

It was painful to admit, but I was behaving like a spiritual snob when in truth, I was clueless about the sacred, complex and holistic picture that is human life. When it came to being in a body here on Earth, where we have to exchange or labor or our smarts in order to survive … I was about as “developed” as a box of rocks.

I needed mentorship from those who had achieved things I was wanting to achieve. And I needed to stop assuming that I was more spiritually connected and therefor smarter than they were.

An Aside: One thing I’ve come to understand is that those who have no money, resources or capacity to change their/our lives usually tend to avoid asking for advice from those who HAVE achieved success. Instead, we keep our questions, need for support, doubts and failure to achieve, all to ourselves, or consult solely with others who are in the same boat. So instead of learning from those who actually know how to achieve success, we comfort each other with guesswork, false confidence or spiritual snobbery. Crazy, huh?

Step #2: The POWER of Mentorship

Today I no longer struggle with the financial, mindset or emotional issues that plagued me for the better part of my adult life. Once I began to see that there’s a HUGE difference between a spiritual practice and personal development, I was able to make great strides and changes in my life. And I did it by investing in mentorship.

Once I brought teachers and mentors into my life who could guide me in understanding the principles of personal growth, my career satisfaction improved, my confidence rose immensely and my finances increased rapidly.

Until I developed as a person (and not just a spirit), I had no life satisfaction, no money and no impact in the lives of others.

Like most folks who achieve great career success, I’ve paid a LOT of money to learn from personal growth mentors and business coaches over the past 5 years.

It was worth every penny.

Which is Why I Want to Share a Resource with You Now …

Because unlike me, you have a terrific opportunity to gain motivation, wisdom, insight and practical knowledge from some of the top Personal Development Mentors in the English Speaking world … at your fingertips … absolutely free!

Whether on your computer or a Smart Phone, you have access to Mentors like never before, and I can tell you right now that if you’ve got a wonderful vision for your life, a business or a “Give-Back” to the world, You MUST surround yourself with the Mentors, Guides and Teachers who can help you get there!


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Spiritual Wisdom or Personal Growth?

As Sting once sang, “We are spirits in the MATERIAL world.” If we want to live a HUMAN life, one here on Earth, and one in which we can enjoy Purpose, Freedom, Meaning & Impact … when it comes to spirituality OR personal growth, there’s simply no choice. We need them both!


About Dawn DelVecchio

Dawn DelVecchio is a Priestess, Womb Keeper, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Astrologer and Master Tarot Reader. She a Business Mentor for women and men ready to take their Sacred Work to the next level, and is also the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author of the book, Spirit, Mind & Money.

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