reality architectIt was destined from the start – I’m sure. Fact is, I never fit in. Of course I tried … didn’t you? I tried to dream the domestic dream, have my matching towels sets, sport my branded bags, have my 2.5 with picket fence, and swim the blissful coma of TV-land … I really did! I went as far as matronly, floral print dresses with lace doily collars (okay, I didn’t go that far!) In the end though, the dream was fantasmagoric, the towels too small, the picket fenced me in and the TV? I killed it. The bottom line was, I just couldn’t fit my multi-sided, ever-evolving Self into that tidy little square hole … so by choice or soul-fiat, (I’m still not quite sure), I took the Red Pill. It’s been a wild-n-ALIVE ride ever since!

If what I’m saying is making some sense to you – then you too, have taken the red pill. Congrats! … Okay, now what??

In this incredible time in history, this Time of Awakening, more and more of us are taking the “Red Pill” of The Matrix fame. Why? Because we never really could squeeze ourselves into the tiny little square peg holes of conformity – and we’re finally giving up trying – phew!

Now, if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, but you’re intrigued by the possibility of a much more expansive, satisfying and ALIVE life, then welcome – we’ve been waiting for you! Please read on …

Symptoms of Life before the Red Pill

The ‘sleeping masses’ (i.e. peeps who haven’t taken the Red Pill) live in a state of unconscious compliance with whatever the standards and ‘norms’ of the times happen to be. Here in the 21st century western world, some of the ‘symptoms’ look like this:

  • A noticeable dependence on TV entertainment and ‘News’. Example: A common response to the fact that I don’t own a TV goes something like this: 1). blank stare of incomprehension, followed by; 2). a gasp, and; 3). “OMG! I/we couldn’t live without our TV!”
  • A deep sense of separation from others. Example: Cursing others, wishing them misery, revenge fantasies, a fascination with sensationalized murder cases that demonize the accused, and (an often impressive) lack of compassion for the suffering of others beyond one’s personal circle.
  • A deep commitment to externalizing power – both spiritual and economic/social/political. Example: blaming other people or circumstances for any aspect of one’s life (either positive or negative); and a belief in a god that punishes or blesses, depending on how much you grovel and beseech.
  • A sportsman’s view of the Divine. Example: a belief that god takes sides, blesses certain teams, countries or families (‘the righteous’) and not others.
  • A concern bordering on obsession with the opinions of others. Example: limiting or modifying one’s actions and even one’s goals so as to ‘look good’ in the eyes of friends, neighbors, lovers, colleagues or employers.
  • An almost compulsive need to purchase ‘stuff’ in order to feel ‘happy’.
  • A relaxed ease with echoing the party line without actually investigating or analyzing.

Views Outside the Matrix (Life after the Red Pill)

Once you’ve taken the Pill, life – and your behavior – start to look radically different. You know you’ve either inadvertently taken the Red Pill, or are ready to take it when …

  • You find mainstream entertainment of any kind (TV news, sitcoms, movies) to be virtually interchangeable, boring and insulting to your intelligence. Example: you start arguing with news casters, feel contempt for irrelevant ‘breaking news’, get nauseated by commercials and disgusted with ‘reality’ TV.
  • You have a growing sense of connection with all that is. Example: you find it harder and harder to write-off others with judgements, make blanket-statement platitudes about ‘reality’, wish harm to anyone, or make personal choices without considering its greater impact on the world around you.
  • You have the sudden realization that YOU are the creator of your reality. Example: you stop blaming you mother, father, spouse, church, boss, government, body, economy or god for your ‘problems’ and start learning skills to improve yourself.
  • You stop giving a s**t about what anyone else thinks of you. Example: you start becoming more colorful. This may manifest as a change in hairstyle, fashion, or home decor.
  • You stop buying crap.
  • You start questioning ‘reality’ …

You are a Trail Blazer

If the latter list is ringing true then know this: YOU are a trailblazer. And what you do, outside the matrix of the mainstream will have a powerful impact on change. It is the Time of the Awakening and we are seeing this all around – not least of all in the groundswell Occupation movement now underway. But also in the hearts and minds of many people who are silently opening to a level of awareness humans may never have known before. It is the Time of the Awakening – let’s celebrate! The Beginning is near 🙂

What ‘Red Pill’ symptoms are you experiencing? Share something of your awakening with me in the comments below.

Many blessings,


About Dawn DelVecchio

Dawn DelVecchio is a Priestess, Womb Keeper, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Astrologer and Master Tarot Reader. She a Business Mentor for women and men ready to take their Sacred Work to the next level, and is also the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author of the book, Spirit, Mind & Money.

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