Who Is RealThe Online Infiltration of Spirituality

In a world where anyone can market themselves as a spiritual ‘expert’ how do we get past the online infiltration of spirituality?

“Tribe-Building” … this concept is behind what has become a billion-dollar “expert” industry, thanks to the internet and savvy marketers.

Building fame and fortune as a healer, coach or spiritual leader has never been easier. The trouble is, this is true whether one is a genuine expert … or simply a great marketer.

Which leads us to the question: Who is Real?

Today we can all benefit from access to extraordinary teachers, healers, leaders and inspirers. That’s the good news. Unfortunately, to do so we’ve got to wade through more and more charlatans.

Yes, I said it (or rather, wrote it): Charlatans.

And in the space of spirituality, this is particularly glaring.

Now, if you are not a marketer, you may not know this, but the personal growth industry is massive. In fact, according to one website, “The booming spirituality and self-help industry grosses over $16 billion annually” (http://www.semcasual.org/spirituality-americas-new-growth-market/) – and this was back in 2013!

Another site says: “the net worth of this industry is estimated to be almost $11 billion.” (http://brandongaille.com/personal-development-industry-statistics/)

Whether these numbers are precise or not begs the question: With multiple millions and possibly billions spent annually in the space of coaching, healing and self-development, the temptation to get in on all that dough would be hard to ignore.

The power of the internet’s reach plus software automations makes it extraordinarily easy, therefor, for the modern-day equivalent of snake oil salesmen to get a cut of the proverbial pie. In other words: The Online Infiltration of Spirituality, and here’s all you need to do to succeed …

Simply come up with a brand position, study the pain of your ideal audience and pour money into copy, design & traffic (advertising online), and you too can have yourself a million-dollar biz as a spiritual guru in a few short years.


Savvy Kids or Masters?

What the planet needs most right now are the Master Healers, Teachers and Leaders to step forward, lean in and reach those who so need their guidance. Yet the painful truth is that too many “experts,” “leaders,” “healers,” gurus and “priestesses” are little more than savvy kids with the energy and drive to succeed.

Now I know this sounds mean. I wish I didn’t feel compelled to say it this way, yet the truth is, I am seeing it more and more. And while it’s true that there are some deeply authentic young ones who wish to be in service and ARE showing up in a big way online, too few are doing the hard work to cultivate personal and spiritual mastery.

What they are mastering is marketing.

Where Are the Real Master Healers & Teachers?

Many of the actual masters – the real healers, mentors, teachers and experts who have worked on themselves and quietly gone about helping others for decades – cannot be found easily (or sadly, sometimes at all) online.

Often this is because they simply don’t have the resources and know-how to market themselves. I know. These are the clients I have been working with (as an internet marketer) for more than 6 years now.

Finding “Real Deal” Experts in a Sea of Slick Marketing

The vast majority of the true masters do not have flashy websites or expert brands. They may be comfortable financially, but few are multi-millionaires … although many of them are worthy of such a level of abundance.

IMHO, if money truly translated to positive impact, the cast of the wealthy in the coaching space and the spirituality space would be very different indeed.

So who is real? How can we discern the “real deal” experts – the ones who can truly provide lasting transformation – from the wanna-be’s with a solid marketing budget?

What Does Your Gut Tell You?

Here are a few suggestions for discerning the real experts from the merely successful marketers.

  1. Do they work on themselves?
  2. How many years have they been working on themselves?
  3. Who have they helped and how much impact have they had?
  4. How accessible are they? And most importantly …


What Can We Do to Support Each Other?

Now I suspect there are a lot of people with a vested interest in hushing such a conversation … which is all the more reason to have it! So I’d love to hear your thoughts on this touchy topic.

Have you found extraordinary transformation through spiritual teachers online? Wonderful! Who are they, please share! Have you come across this online infiltration of spirituality? Have you personally encountered charlatans who promised far more than they can deliver?

A Final Request

Please don’t share the specific names of any false gurus here. The intention of this post is to open dialog and share valuable resources. There are website better suited for warning others about charlatans, such as ripoffreport.com.

About Dawn DelVecchio

Dawn DelVecchio is a Priestess, Womb Keeper, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Astrologer and Master Tarot Reader. She a Business Mentor for women and men ready to take their Sacred Work to the next level, and is also the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author of the book, Spirit, Mind & Money.

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