How do we come to terms with the terrible things we see in the world? 


The suffering, the abuse, the violence, the political shenanigans, the lies, deceit & cruelty … they are easy to condemn. Indeed it would seem that our very compassion for those who suffer is what moves us to see the perpetrators as evil sinners, worthy of condemnation and punishment.


It is true that those who would do harm must be stopped. But when we condemn and judge, we are unable to actually activate the energies required for healing.


My lesson today in A Course in Miracles is: “Only my condemnation injures me.” 


This includes the condemnation of those “evil-doers” [who are seemingly] “out there”; as well as  condemnation of myself: The criticisms, the judgments, the belief in my own sinfulness.


This is a difficult concept to grasp if we believe in the 3-D world. When we believe we are separate… when we believe that the very foundation of reality is one of dualistic separation, then the notion that my condemnation of others injures only me sounds, well … nuts.


Yet when we deeply feel the truth of our eternal ONENESS, we can understand just how much sense this makes.


When I judge others, I feel bad. When I condemn others, my condemning anger, disgust, disgruntledness or rage  hurts only ME. 


Which leads to the idea of “Sin” versus “Error” … 


“Sin” requires punishment. Error requires correction. 


If we are to stand in judgment of others as sinful and worthy of punishment, we would have to include ourselves. For who among us has not, in moments of pain or fear, made choices others would deem sins? 


“Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”


I don’t know about you, but I find it painful when others judge and attack me for choices I’ve made when I was too resourceless to choose better. Yes, I must make amends for those I may have hurt. Yes, I must take responsibility. 


But to be attacked as sinful, as worthy only of punishment, would lock me into the hell of shame: That I-as-a-child-of-the-Divine am unworthy of love, for there is something wrong with me.


Yes, as a younger woman, I made spiteful choices at times. Choices and words intended to hurt. In the end, they never helped me feel better. 


And I also have made choices in ignorance, or with the best of intentions, or when unresourced or stressed-out … choices which ended up hurting someone else. It was not my intention to hurt them, but the results were the same. [Does not every parent among us recognize this?]


Should I be branded a sinner, worthy of punishment? Should you? Is there a line in the sand where some “sins” are worthy of our time and effort to condemn the perp? 


Or, can we find it within ourselves to see that, even the most seeming “evil” among us are suffering? 


Can we recognize that from their place of suffering – which I will define here as the experience of separation from God/Goddess/Love/Divine Source Energy – they are making choices which harm others?


Maybe I’m just dancing around this. Maybe I’m just wanting to express a Christed Consciousness of Forgiveness which I have not yet realized in actual fact.


Either way I know in my heart that as the shit continues to hit the fan here on Earth, and as the true nature of the darkness which much of the global elite are engaged in comes to the fore, condemning, hating & devoting our energies to attacking them WILL NOT SERVE OUR AWAKENING.


So as we watch more & more people lose their minds from the pain of their wounding, (combined with the high frequency activations going on here on Earth), it is up to us to choose love over condemnation


It is up to us to RE-Member that we are all truly ONE, and that it is in our compassion, mercy & forgiveness that we can be as midwives to the birthing of a new Earth.


Blessed Be and Thank you <3

Dawn DelVecchio


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