spiritual quotesHappy November! To start the month off, I thought I’d offer you a collection of some inspiring, uplifting spiritual quotes about the “I” and the self and the Self. Who are you really, under the skin, behind the ego, beneath the wants, needs and hopes? The great spiritual teachers say, essentially, that you’re an eternal being – at one with all, sacred beyond measure and resting in the arms of divine peace.  May these affirming quotes about the greater nature of your being serve you as the cold season returns (and springtime blooms, down under), and may your days be held in the bright light of you Greatest Soul-Self!

  • A bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn.
  • Happiness is not a future event. -Joe Fortenberry
  • Enlightenment is the direct, abiding realization that YOU don’t exist. – Adyashanti
  • Every second spent looking for something outside of yourself is another second you spend away from your true self. – Michael Jeffreys
  • The imagined sense of being a separate “I” is the source of all problems.  – John Wheeler
  • “I” is a word. It does not think, feel, do anything. Just a word preceding other words. Investigate this until it’s clear. – Ilona Markedeternal
  • Everything is passing – enjoy its momentariness. – Mooji
  • Recognize that you ARE home. Not, you are ‘at home’ … you ARE home. Gangaji
  • If it doesn’t exist when you’re sitting in silence, then it doesn’t exist. – Adyashanti
  • Life is the dancer, you are the dance.
  • When you are willing to stop looking for something in thought, you find everything in silence. – Gangaji
There are many, many more I can add here. But rather than continue, I’d love to hear from you. What spiritual quotes about the self, the Self and enlightened living have moved and taught you in your life? Please share them with me in the comments below.
Many blessings,

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Dawn DelVecchio is a Priestess, Womb Keeper, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Astrologer and Master Tarot Reader. She a Business Mentor for women and men ready to take their Sacred Work to the next level, and is also the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author of the book, Spirit, Mind & Money.

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