Evolution of ConsciousnessThe Evolution of Consciousness is No Longer an Option.

The evolution of consciousness is no longer optional and humanity must step up, WAKE UP, speak truth to power and get on with what many of us know in our bones we came here to accomplish.

As hundreds of thousands of women around the world meet, march, speak and unite, it is clear that “business as usual” is on a very short tether.

Wake Up Call

This isn’t about a political candidate or party, for in the USA (as in most places) both parties are run by the same hand. Party politicking only serves to divide, a 3rd option is required: WAKING UP.

In this sense, it’s almost good to have such an exaggerated caricature of a human being in the White House. Why? because it has (finally!) galvanised people into action.

The other candidate was not the answer. WE are the answer. An evolution of consciousness is the answer. Leaders kissing corporate asses has been the cause of way too much murder, mayhem and planetary poisoning – for way-hay-HAY too long!

The track record of the former prez as well as the former candidate/sec of state reveal an unprecedented erosion of our civil liberties and DAILY atrocities globally.

So What Do We Do?

First, let’s stop pretending a prez (or an utterly, astoundingly corrupted Legislative Branch) have your best interests at heart. They don’t. They are controlled by a secret den of handlers who see human rights as a nuissance to their absolute power.

Secondly, let’s start choosing to get off the fake media teet and reconnect with SELF. Awakening – conscious evolution – requires your active participation.

Third, reconnect from the heart with others and with nature. We have got to remember that we are all one. That none of us can actually live in peace, harmony and bounty as long as the most powerful nation on earth is run by puppet masters behind the veil of corporate personhood.

I Didn’t Want to Write This.

I didn’t want to write this. I prefer to uplift. To inspire, to gently assist others in healing and empowering themselves. I didn’t want to write this but to ignore what is going on serves no one.

Yes, it is the time of the WOMAN and yes, it is the time of humanity’s awakening. But to think that one silly man is the problem or one long-ago-sold-out woman could have been the solution is simplistic to a fault.

La-La Land

I’m sad and shocked to see how people are suddenly completely romanticising the outgoing prez. Hello? Do you realise how much your civil liberties have been eroded during his tenure? Hello? Didn’t you notice that, as one friend put it so succinctly:

“As a Nobel Peace Prize winner, he has bombed eight countries in 8 years … All focus on the incoming disaster, while in complete amnesia about the totally egregious tragedy that began with George Bush and continued for 16 years, killing thousands and thousands of innocent civilians and producing the worst displaced human crisis in recent history. He pardoned Chelsea Manning, whom he had tortured and nearly killed but he denied clemency to Leonard Peltier today, and the crisis at Standing Rock is escalating.

“Big Oil has owned this country all along, and yet everyone is wringing their hands and thinking the worst is yet to come. We get what we deserve by being absolutely fooled by the establishment democrats who are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Simple Method for Determining Qualified Leaders

If they are in power under the current system of corporatocracy – if they are making decisions that kill others or support chronic, unsustainable acts of planetary pillage (including those longer-term murderous things like poisoning waters and air via fracking & chemtrails) – then they are NOT … I repeat, not the answer.

Nor are they “leaders” in any sense of the word. They are puppets.

When we stop looking at candidates and parties and start asking who the wizard is behind the curtain, THEN, we stand a human chance. 

Neither quivering in our boots (or homes), nor shopping, nor marching in resistance to puppets “in charge” will change things. As long as we keep playing the dominant paradigm game (instead of throwing it out), we’ll get SSDY (same shit, different year).

The answer is an evolution in consciousness among the humans. And of those humans, Americans are the front-liners. Not because we’ve got another kind of Howdy Doody in office, but because we are high enough on Maslow’s Scale of Need to choose it.

To keep giving power over to a president, a political party, a belief system or a paradigm which is clearly unsustainable – at this 11th hour – is foolhardy indeed.

The answer my beloved human family, is AWAKENING.

About Dawn DelVecchio

Dawn DelVecchio is a Priestess, Womb Keeper, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Astrologer and Master Tarot Reader. She a Business Mentor for women and men ready to take their Sacred Work to the next level, and is also the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author of the book, Spirit, Mind & Money.

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