Private Transformational Retreats

Immerse Yourself in One of Three Extraordinary Locations for Ascension Guidance, New Business Birthing, or Life Transition Support


How can you accelerate, liberate and expand into the Divine Conscious Being you came to be? What would it feel like to finally birth that inspired business or service you hold dear in your heart? What does it really take to shed all past hooks, patterns and limitations during this ascension cycle?

Join Dawn in the location of your choice for an unprecedented experience of restorative support, mentorship, and a total upleveling of your BEING-ness.

This retreat is ideal for you if you want a bespoke experience designed for fast results in your spiritual growth, new business birthing, or life-transition up-leveling.

“After working with many clients over the years, I’ve designed these intensives with a very specific goal in mind: To nourish and support YOU, so that you can bring your Sacred Self into greater harmony, then step fully into your Soul’s Calling.”

Specific Support Includes …


A pre-retreat intake session and full astrological profile (90 minutes via zoom).


3.5 days of healing work customized to your specific needs.


Sacred Invocation Ceremony to begin our work.


Specific local experiences. (Varies depending on location. See locations below.)


3 lunches & 3 dinners, based on your dietary needs.


2 x 30 minute follow-up/support sessions within the first 30 days following your intensive.

During our 3.5 days together you can expect …


Powerful breakthrough processes customized for your needs, including NLP, Hypnosis & EFT.


Ceremonial and energy healing work.


High-vibe mentorship and conscious presence with & for you.


Astrological insights & intuitive guidance to ensure anything we develop for you is aligned with your Soul’s evolutionary intent.


Specific, next-step actions for a balanced approach in achieving your goals.


Specific adventures and healing experiences, based on location (see below).


You can choose from one of three extraordinary locations in order to leverage our time together with the vortex support of these power spots on Earth Gaia.

Temple of the Mothers: Gila Mountains, SW New Mexico, USA

Primary Elemental Energies: EARTH & FIRE

Dawn’s home where she serves as forest gate-keeper. This is an area laden with crystalline energies. It is a place of strong Earth-frequencies for grounding, healing and Earth-based activations.

The Temple space, located at the very edge of a great forest, offers a profound respite from the rush of modern living. As Dawn’s personal gate-keeper location and energy center, this is where the power of the crystalline energies are activated, protected by ponderosa pines and ancient oaks that stand sentry for this sanctuary.

This location is ideal for you when you are seeking a central nervous system reset, a new vision for your work in the world, or grounded empowerment via Gaia’s crystalline energies.

Additional Inclusions, Temple of the Mothers:

  • 1 shamanic journey in the forest, led by Dawn
  • 1 water attunement ceremony at the “Catwalk” (if weather permits).

The Grace of Lanna: Chiang Mai & Northern Thailand

Primary Elemental Energies: AIR & EARTH

Northern Thailand is home to the ancient Lanna kingdom. Now a part of modern-day Thailand, it retains its charm of centuries past. This is also Dawn’s second home, where she winters and taps into the Naga realm more deeply. It is where her Soul Power is strongest.

A personal retreat in Northern Thailand with Dawn is an opportunity of a lifetime! Not only does she have great passion for the culture and language, her personal contacts let you avail yourself of the transformational gifts of: indigenous shamanic practices, soothing hot springs, lush tropical forests, deeply nourishing massages, exquisite cuisine, cave temples, golden Buddhas, and exotic adventures found nowhere else.

This location* is ideal for you when you want a far-flung adventure to expand your horizons, open to new visions & possibilities, or activate your capacities as Light Leader.

Additional Inclusions, Northern Thailand:

  • 1 x 90 minute shamanic healing session and massage with Medicine Woman & Healer, Ajarn Sirirattana Inta.
  • ½ day temple tour with Dawn as your guide.
  • Ground transportation for excursions selected in pre-trip planning.

*Optional beach location in Southern Thailand available, depending on the season.

Purification & Healing on the Isle of the Gods: Bali, Indonesia

Primary Elemental Energies: WATER

Island of sacred waters and purification, Bali has long been a mecca for artists and spiritual seekers alike. Holding a high frequency, feminine vibration, Bali is the ideal location for you if you are seeking healing or a deeply feminine renewal.

This retreat is based in Ubud, located centrally and center of the rich, artistic heritage of the Balinese people. It is a place to safely turn inward and be nourished among a bounty of flowers, waterways, and the grace offered on the “Isle of the Gods”.

This location is ideal for you when you need to rest deeply, heal your feminine energies, or strengthen your capacity to receive nourishment, support and abundance.

Additional Inclusions, Bali:

  • 1 sound healing session at the Pyramids of Chi, Ubud.
  • 1 water purification ceremony with a Balinese Priestess (if available).
  • Ground transportation for excursions selected in pre-trip planning.

What’s Included for all Locations


3.5 days of private, customized support


1 Soul Astrology, 90 minute call


2 x 30 minute, post-retreat integration calls


A clear “road map” for reintegration and achieving your goals upon your return.


3 lunches


3 dinners


Specific activation pilgrimages


Additional inclusions as listed above, specific to location.

What’s Not Included


Flights or Ground Transportation to and from the meeting site.






Entrance Fees




Meals not mentioned above

Your Investment

Your Investment for a 3.5 Day Intensive with Dawn is $10,000.00 USD. This includes all of the above and does not include transportation, accommodation, meals not mentioned above, entrance fees, transfers or tips.

Payment plans available.

Support for travel planning, transfers and accommodations available.

Current Availability

Please contact Dawn’s assistant, Lorree for current availability and timing:

If you’d like to see a list of Dawn’s official credentials, you can do that right HERE.

If you know that you are ready to invest in this level of transformation, you can go ahead and fill out your application today!