Welcome to …

Inner Priestess Alchemy

Welcome Sister!

I am so happy to know you will be joining us for Inner Priestess Alchemy!

NOW, here’s what you want to do next  …

  • First, have a look at your email inbox for your confirmation email with the all-important call link, plus access to the Resources Folder. (The email also includes other information about how to best prepare for this sacred gathering, so please read through it carefully.)
  • Next, be sure to “White List” my email address so that you get the reminder and link.
  • Finally, remember that the call os recorded in both video and audio format. So if you need to participate at a different time, or want to be able to do the ceremony again at another time, you will have access! 
  • If you have questions please contact my assistant Dominique at: help@dawndelvecchio.com

I look so very forward to gathering with you soon!

Many blessings,

PS: If you know of a sister who would benefit from this course, please forward this link to her: https://dawndelvecchio.com/priestessalchemy/

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