The Priestess
Apprenticeship Circle


The Priestess Apprenticeship Circle is ideal for you if you have been called to the path of the Priestess.

At this time, Priestess Work on Planet Earth is specifically about RE-Membering … or putting back together the fragments of the Sacred Feminine.

As we Re-Member ourselves we can then step powerfully into a
Re-Claiming of our Wholeness as Women and as Empowered Leaders in Sacred Service.

What is a “Priestess”?

To me, the word “Priestess” is associated with a woman who serves her community in a spiritual capacity.

She is a female leader who honors the Sacred Feminine aspect of Divinity. She may or may not have been “initiated” into a particular lineage, but she has studied long, works on herself personally and has skills and experience in various healing modalities, counselling, ceremonial facilitation, and at least a pinch of magic.

Her service may be her primary vocation, or her avocation.

A Priestess can hold space for others as they move through the more painful emotions and difficult life experiences we all face from time to time.

A Priestess owns her own shit. She does not play the “blame game” or devote time and energy to judging others for their human foibles.

She has faced her own shadow with courage. She has fallen down in life and picked herself back up more than once. She has overcome difficult, often painful losses, and she has mastered her skills and abilities through dedication, consistency and time.

A Priestess takes good care of herself and her family. She enjoys the pleasures of life and does not take vows of poverty or chastity, for she understands that All Acts of Love and Beauty are Sacred.

What a “Priestess” is Not…

A Priestess is NOT a woman who merely dresses the part because it’s intriguing or fun. Being a Priestess is not a fashion statement or a trendy lifestyle choice.

Priestesses are not “clicky,” nor do they put forth their work in order to achieve ego-gratifying renown.

While abundance is the blessing bestowed upon the Priestess (including financial abundance) for doing her Soul’s Sacred Work, the true path of a Priestess is not for those seeking rock-star fame or fortune with a Priestess “brand.”

In times such as these, the true Path of a Priestess is not for the faint of heart.

Being a Priestess is a spiritual dedication. It is a commitment that may at times call you to draw up courage and strength from depths you didn’t even know you had.

As with all Spiritual Callings, one is Called to the role of Priestess. It is a dedication to Spiritual Service.

This Apprenticeship Program is for you if you wish to …

  • Stand in your Personal Power with Greater Ease and Grace.
  • Create your own Sacred Sisterhood Circles.
  • Lead Ceremonies with Confidence.
  • Share Stories of the Goddess in a way that Empowers Self and Others.
  • Raise Group Energy (called a “Cone of Power”), then Sense and Direct it for Healing.
  • Activate Magic in your Life by Changing Consciousness at Will.
  • Guide Others into Trance Journeys and Meditations.
  • Facilitate Challenging Conversations which Foster Peace & Understanding.

The Specifics:

  • Moon 1 Visioning & Clarifying Your Unique Priestess Path
  • Moon 2 Re-Membering HER – Goddess Wisdom, Goddess Lore
  • Moon 3 Re-Membering YOU – Self-Truth & Self-Healing
  • Moon 4 Re-Membering US – The Sisterhood that Lifts as we Rise
  • Moon 5 Re-Membering the BODY – Womb-Wisdom Belly-Love
  • Moon 6 Re-Membering GAIA – Earth Wisdom Ceremonies
  • Moon 7 Re-Membering DIANA – Lunar Magic
  • Moon 8 Re-Claiming the BLOOD – Women’s Blood Mysteries
  • Moon 9 Re-Claiming BOUNDARIES – Energetic, Emotional & Physical Sovereignty
  • Moon 10 Re-Claiming GUIDANCE – Tarot, Pendulum Work & Trance
  • Moon 11 Re-Claiming POWER – Solo Rituals & Self-Activations
  • Moon 12 Re-Claiming CEREMONY – Creating Altars, Holding Space & Facilitating Ceremony
  • Moon 13 Re-Claiming a SACRED SERVICE – Walking the Priestess Path