For women ready to embody your sacred feminine leadership, strengthen your connection with the Divine Feminine, and be held in a sisterhood that supports your greatest vision …

Connect Deeply with Your Soul through Sacred Practices & Ceremonial Renewal in a Safe Container of Sisterhood

Welcome dear sister,

I am grateful you are here, for it means that you too feel the call to more deeply unfold the Priestess within you.

We are many in these times, and we have come “across the vast seas” of space and time to be right here, right now.

The Priestesses, Star Seeds, Light Workers, Healers and Wisdom Keepers are returned to support a great transition. It is the Ascension of Gaia, Mother Earth, which has been heralded for millennia.

We Have Come to Planet Earth
in Order to Serve During this Great Awakening Optima

Today it is clear to me that I have prepared for decades – and indeed, lifetimes! – in order to serve in these times.

The Goddess, the Divine Feminine face of the ONE, has been gently navigating me to be ready to stand as teacher-mentor-sister-friend to women with whom I have a Soul Contract to fulfill.

You see, the next wave of Awakening on Earth is underway, and the massive changes as we shift from 3D to 5D is very difficult for those who are not prepared. Now, and in the years to come there will be a great need among humanity for the wisdom, stability and healing tools of the Priestess.

We have to be ready. We have to be fully aligned with our Higher Self and Soul Purpose so that we may serve others as they heal and re-member their own light.

This is why I brought forward MotherSpirit as a 13 Moon Priestess Training & Initiation, 6 years ago. I knew it was time for me to begin sharing and mentoring women on the sacred practices and deep inner work I’d been doing for most of my adult life.

What is MotherSpirit?

In 1984 I was a new mother, and part of a group of 6 young mothers who all had home births that year. I was the youngest.

We began gathering twice monthly, learning of the Divine Feminine, the tarot, ritual, magic and sacred ceremony. We were growing together, awakening an ancient remembrance of the Divine Feminine – our Mother Goddess.

In time, we began co-creating sacred ceremonies for ourselves and our extended community. This further deepend our connection with each other, our own Mothering and our Great, Divine Mother.

Back then, the word “Goddess” “Witch” and “Priestess” were frowned upon or at best, dismissed as silly or reactionary … That did not stop us 🙂

In 1986 we initiated ourselves in Sacred Ceremony as a circle of Priestesses. We were reclaiming the ancient ways, long-lost during the 1000s of years of patriarchy. We called ourselves “MotherSpirit, for it was the spirit of Divine Mother, through the experience of our own Mothering, which had bonded us so deeply.

With permission from these Sacred Sisters, I now carry the mantle of this lineage forward, initiating women into this Priestess Line for service during the New Era now upon us.

“When I think about the powerful women who have blessed my life, Dawn is at the top of the list. Her compassionate nature, paired with her wisdom and broad spectrum of esoteric knowledge, is unparalleled. I’m extremely grateful to have Dawn in my life and I know it is time for her to share her gifts with women around the world.” – Leanne Kallal, Co-Founder,

As my mentors have done for me, I am here to help women step into their Sacred Leadership

There is nothing quite like the blessing of a sisterhood which supports our spiritual growth. Now, more than ever, we need sister-kin to hold us energetically as together, we walk the path of the Sacred Feminine.

And today, sister, I am inviting you to join me for MotherSpirit – 13 Moons of Sacred Feminine Leadership Training & Priestess Initiation.

This is a small group program to ensure each sister is seen and heard on every call.

Within this group we will open an energetic portal to connect with Divine Feminine Guidance and bring in the high-vibrational frequencies of love, light, forgiveness and creativity. These are the energies which Divine Mother wishes for us to fully embody now.

Walk the Path of the Divine Feminine

Apply for MotherSpirit Priestess Training

“I began my spiritual journey with Dawn over five years ago when I attended her retreat in Thailand. I’ve since participated in two MotherSpirit 13 Moon Priestess trainings. Witnessing transformation for my sisters and being held by them was the magical revolution I needed to embody and balance my sacred masculine and feminine … I recommend this program wholeheartedly for any woman ready and willing to do the work stepping into her sacred feminine leadership.” Gina Lauricella Hope, Co- Founder

This sisterhood journey is an ideal way to bring more of the energies of the Divine Feminine into your life. It is a powerful container for activation and transformation. As you inner-stand and embody your Soul’s Sacred Purpose, you become a voice for the Mother – the Goddess on Earth!

You will know this is right for you if…

You want greater clarity on your Life Path and Soul Purpose

You are ready to unfold the Wise-Woman Priestess within

You long to be part of a sisterhood of like-minded women

You want to bring your gifts forward in service to Earth, the Goddess and Humanity

You wish to connect with your deepest truth and empowered feminine energy

You would love to learn techniques of Inner Alchemy for healing and energetic activation

You want a safe container where you can share your deepest truths and be seen by sisters who honor you

You are ready to stand in your personal power with greater ease and grace

Sound like a fit?

Apply to join me for the MotherSpirit 2023-2024

“Dawn holds this space so lovingly, creating a safe container for women. I have experienced some of my darkest days these past two years while going through legal battles over divorce and child custody. During this time the group and Dawn’s support were major lifelines for me. Being witnessed in sisterhood like this enables us to be the change we want to see.” – Claudia Spahr, Founder of Holy Mama

This training & initiation prepares you for spiritual leadership in the way that is unique and right for you.

The MotherSpirit 13 Moon Priestess training includes support, training, ceremony and inner work in order to ensure you have what you need to embody and walk in sacred leadership, aligned with your Soul’s highest intent.

Each Moon we focus on a specific theme in order to dive deep into the hidden realms of any patterning or conditioning which is holding you back from your highest path. In sacred space we transmute these lower frequency energies to awaken the greater gifts awaiting you there. Personal sharing is part and parcel to this journey.

You will also have many opportunities to practice leading different parts of a ceremony so that you walk away from our time together able to conduct a ceremony on your own.

“Mother Spirit – the name says everything. I am deeply grateful to be preparing for initiation into this lineage of Priestesses. These past 13 moons I have been lovingly supported to do deep inner work – supported by the sacred container of sisterhood, but most of all by the thoughtful process and integrity of Dawn’s spiritual leadership. The role of the priestess in these times is to do the work to be a holder of the vibration of love, there is no way to hold it without clearing out the obstructions to love’s presence. I am so happy I Iistened to my soul’s YES and committed to this path. It is a year that has changed my life, a year in which I have plunged the shadow and brought in more light, solidified my spiritual practice, and clarified my purpose on this beautiful planet. I will serve in my way, proudly anchored in this lineage.” Jennifer Raeburn, Jennifer Raeburn Yoga

Here’s how you will know if this is not right for you…


You cannot dedicate 5-7 hours per month to your Priestess unfoldment.


You are not willing to cultivate a daily spiritual practice.


You are not willing to share personal experiences in a group.


You blame others for your problems or are unwilling to take ownership of your life experience.


You do not have a handle on an addiction or are in the very early stage of recovery.


You have a psychiatric condition or psychological trauma which would interfere with your ability to dive into your psyche's shadow outside of a theraputic setting, or show up or be present to hold space for your sisters.


You are taking medications which would interfere with your ability to show up or be present to hold space for others.

Dawn’s key phrase that I am embracing is to LOOK WITHIN, knowing that whatever is going on in my outside world is a reflection of my inner world. I can take responsibility to heal from the inside, in order to change my outer reality. The 13 Moon journey allowed for a deep reverence of my priestess sisters. I feel emotionally supported in all that I do. Whatever I am going through in my life, I know I am acknowledged, heard, and seen.” – Mindy Choo, Sound Healer

Final Project & Initiation into the MotherSpirit Lineage

In order to Initiate, you will be asked to submit a project which reflects your integration of the materials. You will get two, 1-to-1 calls with me to support you in determining and preparing for this project, which will be unique to you and reflect your skills, abilities, talents and intentions as a Priestess Leader.

The goal is to ensure you have worked with the materials each moon, demonstrating an integration of the inner awarenesses you’ve gained; the shadow material you’ve worked to heal and integrate; and the skills you’ve developed.

I recently completed 13 moons with Dawn and was initiated as a priestess in the MotherSpirit lineage. I’ve learned a great deal and grown spiritually in so many ways. It was a wonderful experience to be part of a group of dedicated women, each on her own journey yet all with a common goal. Dawn is a gifted teacher, and I’ve emerged feeling more confident of my path, at least confident enough to let go and let goddess! Thank you, Dawn. I will always be grateful for your wisdom, compassion and guidance.” – Polly Szantor, Performing Artist, retired Speech Therapist

Now, here’s what is included…

2 online group calls per Moon (via Zoom) which include facilitated conversations, personal shares, processes, prayers, activations and healings.

3 x 1:1 calls with Dawn to review your astrological profile and then to help you develop a final project or portfolio for Initiation.

Inner Work worksheets each Moon in order to clarify any blocks to the presence of Love within you.

Audio training, guided journeys, supplemental hand-outs & recommended reading.

Additional ceremonial gatherings (online) for Wheel of the Year Earth holidays.

Partner or “Wing Woman” connections to nurture your relationships with each sister in the circle.

The opportunity to co-create ceremonies with Dawn and each other.

An Initiation Ceremony at the end of our 13 Moons together

At the end of our time together you will have the option to Initiate in the MotherSpirit lineage during our final ceremony.

PLUS you get these bonuses to support and enhance your journey…

Bonus #1

Clearing the Path for Sacred Awakening. This simple worksheet is actually quite a powerful activator! It helps you to prepare for the journey through resolving any incomplete projects, things that need clearing, or making closure with energies that no longer serve your highest good.

Bonus #2

A comprehensive Welcome Packet to prepare you for the journey. This will help you know what to expect and how to prepare for each of our gatherings, as well as a guided audio Cleansing Ceremony to do prior to our first call.

Your Investment

The energy exchange investment for MotherSpirit (which includes 13 Moons of training, sisterhood, 3 x 1:1 calls with Dawn, bonuses, and your Initiation into the MotherSpirit lineage, is $444 per month.

If you wish to pay in full, the investment is $5000. This is a savings of $772 – giving you nearly 2 or 13 moons for free!

Journeying with Dawn in the Mother Spirit Priestess Training has been a fantastic experience!  Without question, she is woman that not only walks the path of the Priestess, but teaches others how to do so with integrity, purpose, and introspection.  Taking her course went deep into the changing world that is emerging and how we as Priestesses will be called to lead others as they awaken. Working one on one with her was invaluable to the decisions I made on my path as a Priestess and I am so excited to see where it takes me!”  Tamera Standerfer Artist/Teacher ~ The Feminine Spiral

Want to go deeper, or lead your own groups?

I have a limited number of 1:1 mentoring spots. These are add-ons to the group program. Together we will work where you need it, whether that is deeper healing and transformation or direct support on preparing to form and lead a group of your own.

Here’s how to know if the private mentoring add-on is right for you.

You are wanting to dive deeper into your own inner work, with a mentor to guide you.

You would like a more full set of skills to be able to create your own sacred sisterhood circle.

You want to learn the skills needed to lead ceremonies with confidence.

**For the private mentoring add-on, please tick the box at the bottom of the application. Space is limited, additional fees apply.

“I have had the privilege of being part of MotherSpirit 13 Moon Priestess Training with Dawn. The initiation process has been a wonderful spiritual tool and a commitment to honor my calling as Priestess. As a group and individually we immerse ourselves in deep inner work, reconnect with the divine feminine energies, work closely with the Goddess and support each other as we grow, learn, heal and share together. I am blessed to have taken the leap in the priestess path, reclaim and reintegrate the feminine creative energy, as it is needed more than ever during this time on our planet. Dawn is a beautiful example of a holder of divine light, speaking her truth with conviction, love and compassion, and guiding other women to hold reverence for themselves and step into their own Goddess power. It has been an honor working and learning with her.”  Michelle Cummings Akashic Record Priestess

Walk the Path of Priestess with a Circle of Sisters

Apply to join me for the MotherSpirit Priestess Training

“In this sacred container it is possible to re-activate Soul Gifts which may have been
dormant for lifetimes.”

Let’s review everything that’s included

A full, 13 Moon Priestess Training & Initiation with 2 calls per month in a small group setting for optimal support and learning.

Value: $5775

Inner Work worksheets and audio training material for each Moon, plus guided journeys, supplemental hand-outs & recommended reading.

Value: $1300

Additional ceremonial gatherings (online) for Wheel of the Year Earth holidays.

Value: $200

Partner or “Wing Woman” connections to nurture your relationships with each sister in the circle.

Value: Priceless

Three 1:1 calls with Dawn: One to go over your Soul Astrology during Moon 1 or Moon 2; two to help you prepare and clarify your final project, any time between Moons 8-11.

Value: $750

The opportunity to co-create ceremonies with Dawn and each other.

Value: Priceless

BONUS 1: Clearing the Path for Sacred Awakening.

Value: $50

BONUS 2: Welcome Packet and Cleansing Ceremony.

Value: $150

Total Value: $8225

Your Energy Exchange Investment:

$444 per Moon
or $5,000 if paid in full

“It is time for us to come together, to heal and strengthen our sisterhood, to activate the spiritual gifts we’ve cultivated over lifetimes, and walk in the world as vessels for the Divine Feminine, so needed in our world right now.”

Frequently Asked Questions

When does it begin?
On Thursday, June 22nd, 2023 we celebrate the Summer Solstice and our first of 34 gatherings over the next 13 Moons. With the Sun entering the sign of Cancer – the sign of the Mother – there is perhaps no better time to begin our journey together!
Do I have to attend every call?
We ask that you commit to making all the calls. Knowing that life happens and you may have to miss one or two, the teaching segments of the calls will be recorded for you. Please do not apply if you do not plan to commit to making most/all of the calls. This is a small group intensive course. Your absence impacts all of the other sisters in attendance. Showing up is a key factor in walking the path of Priestess. If your personal commitments would not allow you to show up in this space consistently, then there may be a better time in the future for you to join us.
What days & times will we be meeting?
We will meet every-other Thursday at the following time: 5pm pacific, 8pm eastern, 1am (Friday) London, 7am (Friday) Bangkok; 10am (Friday) Sydney.
Will you do this again next year?
Although I cannot say for sure, right now it is my intention to continue to lead and initiate women through the MotherSpirit 13 Moon Priestess training.
What is the focus of the 3 1:1 calls with Dawn?
Our first call can be conducted during Moon 1 or Moon 2 in order to help you clarify your unique Priestess Leadership path, using astrology as our guide. The 2nd two calls can be used between Moons 8-11 to support you in clarifying and preparing a final project or portfolio which demonstrates your integration of the materials and aligns with your gifts, skills, interests and unique Priestess Path.
I am interested in the 1:1 mentoring, can I still be part of the group?
Absolutely! Your 1:1 calls with me happen outside of our group call times and are dedicated to your specific needs and interests as you unfold your unique Priestess path. You can expect greater attention to how you wish to bring this work into the world; what obstacles may be standing in the way; what triggers need to be worked through, should any arise; and clarity about your Soul’s intentions with my study of your astrological chart and transits along the way.
Why do I have to apply?
Emotional and energetic safety is crucial for our success in stepping through the powerful initiations such a commitment calls for.  This is why I am asking each woman to apply first. I want to ensure that the energetic container for the group (or groups) is a good fit for everyone.  You will receive an invitation for a brief interview with me once I review your application and feel it’s a fit.
What if I cannot afford it?
If finances are an issue for you at this time, I encourage you to stay connected with me through my email list, my Youtube channel, my monthly, Prayers for Humanity free gathering with sister-Priestess, Q’orianka, and some of my many lower-priced trainings, including our private, Return of the Priestess community on the Mighty Networks platform.
What if I am a beginner, is this right for me?
Whether you are new to the Priestess path or have a great deal of experience doesn’t matter as much as your intention, openness and resonance with this work. If you feel called and excited about the possibility of being part of a sacred sisterhood, then by all means apply!
What if I have already been initiated in another lineage, is this right for me?
Sisters who have initiated in other lineages are welcome. If you feel aligned with my energy and work, and excited about the possibility of being part of this sacred sisterhood, then by all means, this may be right for you!
How much of a time commitment is this training?
We will have 2 calls per month. Each is between 1-1.5 hours long. In addition you will want to devote 1-2 hours per month for going through the material. We will also have some
additional ceremonies throughout our time together. Plus, you get three 1:1 calls with me, each 1 hour in length, over the course of the year. Overall, you can expect to average between 5-7 hours per Moon.
What subjects are covered in the curriculum?
Here are the specific themes we will focus on each Moon:

  • Moon 1 Visioning & Clarifying Your Unique Priestess Path
  • Moon 2 Encountering the Goddess
  • Moon 3 Creating Sacred Space & Ceremony
  • Moon 4 Lifting as we Rise in Sisterhood
  • Moon 5 Reclaiming our Sovereignty
  • Moon 6 Healing & Forgiving the World
  • Moon 7 Loving Our Bodies
  • Moon 8 Developing Skills & Sacred Practices
  • Moon 9 Ascending with Gaia
  • Moon 10 Dancing with the Divine Masculine
  • Moon 11 Cultivating Self-Mastery
  • Moon 12 Embodying Your Leadership
  • Moon 13 Walking the Priestess Path + Initiation
What is required for Initiation at the end of the 13 moons?
Each woman will be asked to submit a project which reflects your integration of the materials. The goal is to ensure you have worked with the materials each moon, demonstrating an integration of the inner awarenesses you’ve gained; the shadow material you’ve worked to heal and integrate; and the skills you’ve developed.
“I have done two 13 month priestess training programs with Dawn. She has created a safe container to process both our shadows and our gifts. At the end you emerge with a priceless gift, being part of a sacred group of women committed to their highest purpose.” Jean Amabile, retired attorney

Walk the Path of Priestess with a Circle of Sisters

Apply to join me for the MotherSpirit today!

“Thank you, beautiful Dawn, for coming into my life and sharing deep wisdom and love into it.  Spending the last 2 years with you in MotherSpirit has truly solidified my path as a priestess. After meeting you, I knew I had found my tribe. I have so much love and gratitude for your sister.” Patti Palmer Livingston, Founder & CEO Gaia Sacred Space