Recommended Resources

Please note that I make small commissions on some (but not all) of the items you might purchase here. This being said, I would not share them here if I couldn’t personally vouch for their superior quality!

Chakra Boosters

I have used Chakra Boosters to do exactly what they say they do … boost the energy of my chakras! I love this product. The tattoos are beautiful, easy to use and created by Chakra expert and high-integrity teacher, Vicki Howie.

Sacred Feminine Mystery School

The Sacred Feminine Mystery School was co-founded by 2 of my dear sister-friends, Amrita Grace and Caroline Muir. Amrita and Caroline are women of great wisdom and deep integrity, and their sacred work is changing lives. Their Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator® Teacher & Practitioner Training Represents the leading edge of Feminine Healing and Empowerment.

Global Groove Life

Gina & Grag are two of my dear, globe-trotting friends. For almost 20 years they have been working with local artisans to produce gorgeous home decor,  jewelry, chic lifestyle accessories and wonderful gift items. As a certified fair trade organization, they support artisan co-ops in Thailand and Nepal.

Goddess Time Line

The Divine Feminine is rising once again and we are here to celebrate HER! Constance Tippett’s Goddess Timeline is a 4-poster set of images of the Goddess from every corner of the earth. It’s a wonderful way to RE-Member the Mother in her many guises – some stretching all the way back to 30,000 bce! Hand made, museum replica figurines also available.

Super Salve

100% natural, made with caring attention by a mother and 2 daughters … what’s not to love? Seriously, I’ve been using their skin creams and sun block for years here in the dry southwest, and have never had a problem with their gentle, effective results!

Sensitive Planet

“Scent of Samadhi” is indeed a smell of blissful, meditative peace. I rub a pinch of the powder over my crown chakra before ceremonies, meditation or when I just want an aromatic “bliss-out” moment. I love the smell, but even more than that, I love the company’s eco-friendly, sustainable principles and give-back policy.


To enhance and supercharge the frequencies of rest, meditation and overall healing, nothing beats the power of pyramids, which is exactly what genius, Jason Stiles has developed with his ”Enlightenment Engineering” technology. Including Home Temples for creating altered states, rejuvenation devices, and sacred decor.

Mountain Rose Herbs

Sustainability, fair trade and organic, Mountain Rose Herbs is where I source all of my bulk herbs for teas, tinctures and salve (unless I am wildcrafting them myself, of course!)

Recommended Reading

All of the recommended reading books for my retreats are below, along with a few others which I highly recommend. Please note that as an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.