Are you Ready to Answer the Sacred Call of Your Soul?

… And be Abundantly Supported as a Leader, Mentor or Healer!

Dawn DelVecchio is a Mentor and Guide for the next generation of Sacred Leaders on Planet Earth. With 30 years of experience as a leader herself, along with an array of “tools” for transformation and healing, Dawn is fully committed to serving the Awakening of our Human Family and honoring of Mother Earth.

Some of Dawn’s Tools Include:

NLP Life Coaching & Healing

Intuitive Tarot
Soul-Evolution Astrology
Healing Hypnosis
Sacred Ceremony
Business Mentoring
Brand & Program Development

As a speaker, writer, healer, intuitive business & life coach, Dawn brings wisdom, humor and clear guidance to her clients and audiences. She is available to speak or provide workshops and Ceremonies at festivals of consciousness in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Customized for your Group or Organization

Small business owners of all kinds benefit from what they learn in Dawn’s talks. She customizes her program based on the unique needs and concerns of different service providers. Whether it’s an association of Wellness Practitioners, Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Authors, Health or Personal Coaches, your group will gain valuable tools to make more money from a healing business or service-based business of any kind.

Group Gatherings, Talks & Ceremonial Teachings:

Communication from the Heart: A Sacred Ceremony of Connection

Wisdom of the Tarot: Ancient Insights for Conscious Evolution

The Heart of Gaia: A Guided Journey for Healing and Renewal

Womb-Wisdom/Belly-Love: A Women’s Mysteries Healing Ceremony

Thank you so much for holding space to mirror my truth back to me with your gifts.I feel really light and giddy.  It is the best Christmas present I could imagine as I embark on closing this year!

Angelina M. Jakarta

What you do for me is bring out a strength and pride in being female in this life and in honoring the sacred feminine while also recognizing that the masculine, within myself and within others, is equally important and deserves the same respect … I recall being with you in Orgiva and experiencing how both men and women felt grace in your presence. This is, in my estimation, your greatest tool/expertise/approach.

Beebe Bairami

Dawn Delvecchio is a wonderful, kind and loving person that cares deeply about people. She can explain in laymans terms what we are all moving towards in life. I have a great understanding when she answers my questions on life. She has a wealth of knowledge that can help anyone in any situation. Her workshops are well structured and her meditation CD is easy to follow. I look forward to her inspirational posts and reflections. I would recommend Dawn to anyone and everyone!

Melanie Palubick