Soul Astrology Special

These are for you if…

You hold a vision for your life, your business or your work which you just cannot seem to bring into grounded or tangible form.
You know deep inside that you are here to BE and DO something more sacred and powerful.
You have dedicated yourself to a path of healing & awakening and you are ready for the next step.
You are a female entrepreneur with a mission-based vision or business.
You are longing for a deeper connection with the Sacred Feminine, Priestess or Inner Goddess energies
You feel like there is some block that’s preventing you from Re-Claiming your greatest Potential.
You wish to feel more connected with your Soul energy
  • You are being nudged, tapped on the shoulder (or perhaps harshly shoved) to make a big change in your life.

The Foundations Package Guides You into Deeper Connection with Your Soul Blueprint

This package includes a pre-session, astrological intake form and 13 minute prep video where I explain some basic principles of astrology that will let you make the most of our work together. In your 90 minute Foundations session, we will explore the following areas in order to support you in establishing a solid foundation for grounding your vision into tangible form:
Discover the Journey of your Soul, as revealed in your astrological birth chart, including the gifts, skills and abilities you came with, as well as the challenges you intended to master in this incarnation.
Identify the patterns of thought, behavior or belief which may be blocking you, so you can transform unconscious conditioning into wise decision-making.
Determine your areas of “flow” and how to leverage them for making empowered choices.
Understand your unique, Inner Priestess Voice, and give yourself permission to let Her guide you, so you can bring your gifts to the world!

Your Session is recorded so you can refer back to it whenever needed.

Investment: $375

Soul Astrology Special – Save $100


The Embodiment Package Lets You Bring Your Gifts from Vision to Form

This package includes the Foundations package PLUS an additional 60 minute session. In this package, we begin the work of EMBODYING the discoveries made in your first session. We will look at how and where to begin taking solid, practical actions in order to make a STAND for your Vision and LIVE your life with Soul in the driver’s seat.

    Get clear on what you must integrate and act upon in order to press the “Open Sesame” button on your Soul’s Intent.
    Gain insight about your incarnational “trauma signature” so you can bring active engagement to areas of your life needing compassion and understanding.
    Receive specific guidance on what to focus on in order to align yourself with your Soul’s intent and move with it in greater ease and flow.
    Align with your deepest potential, with a guided imagery journey designed specifically for you.

    Your Session is recorded so you can refer back to it whenever needed.

    Investment: $650

    Soul Astrology Special – Save $125


    The Momentum Package gets you Grounded, Grateful and Generating Results

    This Package includes the Embodiment Package (13 minute intro video a 90 minute session a 60 minute session), PLUS one additional 90 minute session.

    In this package, we get you into action. If you are internally “blocked” by negative emotional states, fears, self-defeating habits, you’ll find the Momentum Package highly effective in resourcing you for moving forward with greater energy and ease.

    Processes we use are determined based on the discoveries made in our first two session. Depending on your unique needs, they may include: NLP Timeline Reimprinting; Hypnosis Healing, EFT Tapping Sets, Somatic Meditations and Intuitive/Channeled Guidance.

    This is about how to get fully congruent so that you can make empowered decisions and take solid, practical actions and LIVE your life with Soul in the driver’s seat.

    During this session we will:

      Apply Energy tools to remove inner obstacles, old patterning and incarnational trauma.
      Activate your Soul’s evolutionary intent with a customized, activation ceremony.
      Begin integrating your Wise Inner Priestess, so you feel more self-trust to be and do the “You” you are designed to be.
      Set up your next right steps plan so you can unfold your vision in a grounded and fulfilling way.

      Your Session is recorded so you can refer back to it whenever needed.

      Investment: $1100

      Soul Astrology Special – Save $200