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Because of so much spam, most e-mail and Internet companies use programs to filter or block unwanted email. Overall this is a good thing 🙂 Unfortunately, these programs do occasionally block email you want to get.

To Ensure You Are Receiving Your Emails From Me You Can Simply Do The Following:

Add the following email to your email “white list” of approved emails:, and

This will ensure the best chance of receiving my updates and content.

White-list me now, so your delivery is not interrupted.

Below are instructions for Gmail and Yahoo email systems. If you are using another system, please contact your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) customer service peeps for their instructions.


  1. In your inbox, locate an email from (Example: Your welcome mail for subscribing).
  2. Drag this email to the “primary” tab of your inbox.
  3. You’ll see that our emails will go to your primary folder in the future!

Yahoo! Mail

  1. After opening an email message, Select “More” from the menu bar.
  2. Select: Filter Emails Like This …
  3. Add to the “From” line with the “contains” option chosen.
  4. Choose “Inbox” as the folder you wish to move them to.
  5. Select “Save” 🙂