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I am sitting in a bit of a conundrum and writing this off the top of my head (or more accurately, from the depths of my heart). It is about being seen.

I am of a generation (Pluto+Uranus in Virgo, to be precise) in which the healers, helpers and light workers – the witches and wise women of old – came back to Earth to bring healing and service (Virgo) to the planet, in preparation for profound transformation (Pluto).

Trouble is, many of us have a difficult time being seen.

Often we remain in hiding due to previous incarnational trauma around our Light, Wisdom & Healing Gifts (Uranus in Virgo) getting us in trouble (think: burned at the stake, boiled in oil, abandoned, drowned, etc.).

So despite our outward efforts, some of us find ourselves undermining the very visibility our Soul is asking of us, this time around.

We hide. And that “hiding” can look like:

  • Overwhelm with social media and thus never learning to use it to reach out to others.
  • Doubting or undervaluing our gifts, so we just cannot have the kind of reach or impact possible.
  • Never getting training in business so that it is essential we keep our energy-sucking day-jobs.
  • Fear of marketing because we don’t want to seem “fake”.
  • Confusion and pain around money, so we give away, undercharge or simply avoid delivering our gifts.

In this age of the internet and mass exposure potential, many of us have stood by and watched, as less experienced leaders rise in the limelight, thanks to fantastic marketing strategies.

Today we have thousands of “luminaries” in the fields of spirituality, wellness, life-coaching, meditation, ascension, Goddess, yoga, sacred leadership and women’s empowerment.

Some are great Souls of wisdom, depth and congruence, for certain. But some who shine right now do not necessarily carry the wisdom or moral compass to lead with Sacred & Heartfelt Intent. They shine and lead and have massive followings because they figured out the “game” of marketing. Many also carry a lot of desires for achievement in the outer world.

So how do we discern? And does it matter?

Like will always attract like. Those who have yet to claim their own inner sovereignty, power & divinity are more likely to follow the “pop stars” of the spirituality and personal development industries.

Those on a sincere journey to wholeness with Soul will be drawn to the teachers they recognize as Guides along their path: Not by imbuing those teachers with imaginary superpowers, but by gleaning what they need on their own journey.

At 54 I am still sitting with these themes of “hiding” and “not being seen.” I’ve worked a lot on this and on myself. It’s been an almost lifelong journey of healing, releasing, forgiving, activating … I am grateful for the work I get to do today because of the inner work I continue to do.

And the truth is, the reach and impact I could have still seems like an impossibility. The gifts I wish to share still seem desired by only a small few.

Am I okay with this? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. Anonymity offers greater freedom (and to the ancient Witch in me, a hell of a lot more *seeming* safety, too!)

But am I fulfilling my Soul’s intent?

This is the painful question for me. Am I having the reach and impact I came here to have? Should I be “putting myself out there” more? Should I be doing those savvy strategies to reach bigger audiences?

I don’t have the answer. And my Guides are being a bit mum at the moment. (They’re great when I am reading for others but when I have to have my own spiritual breakthrough, my mind can make too much noise to hear them, LOL! )

“Ambition” Worldly Desires and Service

What I know is that the desires of this world are fading for me. Ambition is not my game. Delivering what my Soul came to deliver – as a teacher, mentor and Magic*Priestess*Healer*Teacher*Shaman*Witch – most certainly is!

And I am not alone in this. I have some mighty sister-friends. Women of great wisdom, internal congruency and incredible gifts. Some are “famous” – most are not.

We all have the shared desire to help, serve & reach those we can. We struggle with issues of being seen and unseen, of watching others shine with lesser tools but greater charisma & savvy. We listen within for Guidance, Walk our Talk as best we can, offering our gifts – cultivated over lifetimes – in service to this Great Awakening on Earth.

Thanks for listening.

Blessings & Blessed Be 

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